Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dude, I am sooo sick....

I haven't eaten for two days, and when I tried to eat - it came back up, I'm hacking up weird shit LOUDLY and I can't sleep because when I lay down it sends me into coughing fits. The codeine cough syrup is great, but I can't take it when driving or working. I have no days off I can take because I used them all. I can't go home and sleep because I have a committment to one of those market research thingees tonight that pays you cash. Gotta go to that, but it is 3 FUCKING hours long. UUUUG. That means I won't be getting home until after 10pm. Sweet.

Yogagirl says Whooping Cough is going around. Great. That's just great. I should probably go to the doctor, huh? I'm a little stubborn with that. They won't do anything and charge me up the ying yang.

My computer screen is kinda blurry, so if I type something weird, you'll know I'm falling over. Oh and did I mention the dizziness? Yeah. Funsville.

It is DOWNPOURING right now and I just got off work. I have no coat and I'm wearing flip flops.

All the mom's out there, I'm sure, will be reaming me a new one shortly. And Yogagirl, too, who is a dogmom.

Crazydogmama signing out from the grave...

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