Thursday, September 30, 2004

Learn How To Talk By Reading Blogs, Part I
During my blog-surf today, I believe I encountered 101 ways to to improve the word ASS. Or better yet, new and improved cuss words.

Now, we have all called someone an "ass" before, an "asshole" or even an "asswipe", but have you called someone an "asshat"?. I have not. Not until today. My co-worker, let's call him "M", found out today what it is like to be called an asshat. He did not know whether to laugh or be offended. I will let him figure that out for himself.

Might I add that you can expand on "asshat" by describing someone's mean blog comments as "asshatness".

There is also "assface", "assnodule" and my personal favorite, "assbag". "Assbag" is not new to me, however, my husband calls Louie an assbag. He will come when called assbag. Not to me, though, as noted in the previous post.

There are many other fun cuss words out there, too, but we'll talk about that later.
There's normal, then there's my dogs.

Normal Dogs: Come to you (at least eventually) when you call them.

My Dogs: Go to *anyone* else in the room but me when I call them, or just sit there looking at me DEFIANTLY.

Normal Dogs: Chew and play with toys, and fetch things all cute-like.

My Dogs: Act possessed and rip the shit out of every single toy you buy them inside of 10 seconds while you add up in your head all the money you just burned, and run after balls that you throw, sniff them, then return to you and wait for you to go pick them up and throw them again. This seems to entertain them greatly.

Normal Dogs: Can be trained to take a walk.

My Dogs: Insist on shitting in the middle of the street while you are crossing it, then yip and wail loudly as you try to DRAG them across while they are defecating so that they don't get run over. They also put on the "choke-and-puke" show for the first 30 minutes. Its really fun.

Normal Dogs: Wag their tails and look cute when someone comes over.

My Dogs: Screetch-bark so loud it makes children cry, and RAM people who come over. They truly *love* everybody, but it can be a little hard to explain this while screaming over the noise.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

This is how much I love my dogs
This morning, Louie was being needy. He would NOT leave me alone. I always feel bad leaving them when I go to work - it just seems wrong. Anyways, I was drying my new hairdo (which somehow takes 10 minutes longer than it did before - go figure) and Louie was sitting as close to me as he could, staring up. I reached down to give him a scatch. He *really* liked this, and wouldn't stand for just two seconds of scratching. Must. Have. More. Okay, more. and more. and more. Try blow-drying your hair AND scratching your pooch at the same time. Not easy. But I did it. For 30 minutes. I was late to work. Oh well. He's worth it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

What on EARTH is happening?
Well...Mt. Saint Helens is rumbling, there was a 6.0 earthquake in Central California, Toutatis is making a fly-by tomorrow...and let's not forget all the freaky hurricanes, the Iraq war and the elections coming up. eeeeeek. Any bets on what's next?

and this just in...MANY earthquakes today all over the world.
I got a new do, too!
Seems like this is the month for new hairdo's - Skwigg went blonde, Divaquest went short, and I went shorter and blonder! It is actually just about an inch shorter and a little blonder than the picture I have on the right for my profile. Got some layering too. My head was seriously looking like a dingy mop - way too long (it covered my boobs) and way too brownish. Something had to be done. It is really fun to come to work like nothing is different, sit down at my desk and just watch. People will walk by and glance at me...then stop, turn around and come back. Lots of comments, you know the routine. By the end of the day every single blonde joke in the world has been told, and if I hear "Did you get your hair done?" one more time, I swear I will hurl. Yes, YOU FREAKING IDIOT, I did get my hair done. You have a terrific grasp on the obvious.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Which "Spice" are You?
Jim and I went out to breakfast yesterday morning. I didn't feel like getting dressed up, so I put on stretch pants, a t-shirt and Adidas flip-flops with socks. I said to Jim: "I'm going as Sporty Spice." Jim said to me: "I'm going as Old Spice". LOL!!
Meet "Crazydogmama: Groomer"
So I called my groomer to schedule an appointment for the pups last Friday. No one answered, so I left a message. I got a call back later that day from a young girl (not my usual groomer) who tells me that they are no longer doing "stripping" because of the "carpal tunnel" issue, and would I still like to schedule for a bath? No longer STRIPPING??? SHIT!!! Stripping is what you have to have done to Cairn Terriers instead of clipping with scissors. Its when you pull out or "strip" all the dead hair out BY HAND. It was impossible to find a groomer to do this because it is so tedious and time consuming - not to mention most groomers don't even know HOW to do it. This means I have to do it. I did it. Poor dogs. Poor Crazydogmama. My fingers were actually bleeding afterward. The dogs look a little funny...but not too bad. It took four frigging hours. So, now I am pricing out some professional grooming tools online. Grooming table, MARS Coat Handler (a stripping tool helper) and other stuff. VERY EXPENSIVE. Crap. This sucks.

You should have seen it...I set up a scrapbook table in the garage, and commenced the stripping of the dogs there. They yowled and whined - and I cussed. All the neighborhood mommies were horrified, I'm sure.

I wonder how many people will google "stripped", and will come here expecting to find naked pictures...hehe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Playing with my pictures today, can you tell?
Here is Louie snuggled up to my stepson. That dog is glued to that kid when he comes to visit. Its like I don't even exist.

Nap-Nap Time
When I'm tired, I'm tired. Here's me catching a few z's on a bench in downtown Seattle. It was the 80's - hence the stupid-looking sunglasses. Picture courtesy of my mom who thinks I'm certifiable.

Fixed it
I fixed the organizer pictures so you could actually *see* them. Not that anyone gives a shit.

Monday, September 20, 2004

More organizing
Here is my latest project with my neighbors kitchen......TA-DA! An organized pantry....

The paint and the ceramics...finally

My new red wall (part of it, anyway - the other part isn't done YET) and my new tea cup by angelheart designs (see link). Not a very good pic of the new paint, but I'm working on more. The lighting doesn't want to cooperate. Oh, and, the blue cushions on the chairs are going away - just in case you thought I didn't know that they look like caca with the red paint.

Having one. Its been a stressful and busy week. Too much working, not enough alcohol...ahem..I mean fun. I haven't even had time to blog. How pathetic is that? It looks like I am going to have to go back on my anxiety meds cuz I've had, like, 5 mini-nervous breakdowns this week. Yeah, I almost broke into tears when they didn't have my shade of powder at the makeup store, and I thought the world was coming to end when my husband left my chocolate soy milk out of the refrigerator all night. I cannot make decisions either. I got my nails done on Friday and could not decide what color to have them painted. It was just too much thinking. NEED. DRUGS. I also need a fricking iced mocha and a massage. Maybe an iced mocha with some Baily's Irish creme in it...hey wait...maybe I'll just drink the Baily's WHILE getting a massage...YEAH! That's the ticket!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

This Land is Your Land
Oh my GOD this is matter what side you are on.

(click on the "this land" one)
Dinner at Crazydogmama's
Had fake eggs with 1/2 a Louisiana Hot link and a glass of Valpolicella (red wine). I *seriously* need to go grocery shopping. Oh, and, while cooking it, I was shaking my ass to "The Zoo" by The Scorpions. Jim said that if he'd had a dollar, he would have stuck it in my panties.

...and here you were wondering what Crazydogmama did with her kid-less nights...

Monday, September 13, 2004

NOW they do it.... grrrrrrr

The Quiche Controversy
This weekend, I tried to make a Quiche without eggs, without wheat, without gluten and without dairy. I know, I know, most people would be like "eat something else, dipshit". But not me. Let's went something like this:

-Buy gluten-free, wheat-free pie crust mix.
-Buy "culinary egg substitute".
-Try to find some kind of cheese that is not actually cheese.
-Chop up a bunch of vegetables - especially things like jalepenos, so that I won't be able to taste the other stuff.
-Make dough. This could be a book in and of itself. I am not a chef. I am barely a cook. After attempting to make this mother-fucking dough, I am considering myself a failure at life itself. I start mixing the ingredients. I realize I am missing 2 important ingredients. Derrrrr...I can read...derrrrr. Send husband out for missing ingredients. Resume mixing all ingredients. Read in directions that dough needs to be chilled for an hour before rolling begins. Think to myself "fuck that, I'm hungry now". Forget doing that part of the directions. Start rolling dough. Cuss a lot because I don't have a rolling pin. Big Derrrrrrrrr. Go borrow rolling pin from neighbor. Begin rolling dough. Cuss some more and almost start crying because dough is sticking the rolling pin. Call neighbor and ask why her rolling pin doesn't work. She tells me to use flour on the rolling pin, and that will help with the sticking. I start to use flour. I then start throwing things around the kitchen (while actually crying and wondering why I went off my anti-anxiety medicine) realizing that the whole reason why I bought the gluten-free, wheat-free mix in the first place was because I CAN'T HAVE REGULAR FLOUR. The purpose of the recipe is now moot due to use of regular flour. I continue anyway because my stomach hurts from not eating anything. I can't get the dough to roll correctly. I go back to the directions and read that I am supposed to be rolling the dough between two pieces of saran wrap, not wax paper. I cannot get dough off wax paper without destroying it. Destroy dough and roll into ball again. Decide to just "mush" dough-ball into pie pan with fingers. Satisfied after wanting to commit murder. Dogs are hiding. Pour all of the other shit in the middle and throw in oven for an hour. Eat it. Make husband eat it. Not bad, but husband gave me a "B+". I asked, "Why not an A???" Husband says: "It was lacking presentation.". I can live with that.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

OK, just one more thing before I go....
I was checking my stats a few minutes ago, and I looked at how people are finding me. Someone googled "Cheryl naked snow pics". Ok...who is trying to find naked snow pics....hmmmm? Not gonna happen people. That is too freaking cold. LOL!
A Tribute to our 10th!
Remember I was telling you that on August 27th, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary? Well, here is a little glimpse of that day:

Jim looks so young! He has had a goatee now, forever, so when I look at this it makes me giggle! We didn't end up going ANYWHERE or doing ANYTHING to celebrate. Its bad, I know, but we are saving up for our next Disneyland Trip!!! 2005 is Disneyland's 50th Anniversary you know!!! Can't wait for the new Space Mountain....I'm seriously jonesing for a trip.....aaarrrgh.
Tantalizing Teas...
As you know, I am a hopeless coffee adict, but the time has come for me to drink more tea. In the past I was what you would call a "tea-hater". Well, I'm really trying to become an adult (scary!) and I decided to give the whole tea thing a whirl. Turns out I kinda like it. Go figure. Maybe I should try a brussel sprout one of these days, huh? Anyway, here are some teas that made my A-list recently:

My favorite: Aveda Comforting Tea...mmmm...that aftertaste is faaaabulous!

A mucho-spicy Deeelight!:

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

She's no lady...
My 12 year old stepson was over this weekend and he announced the reasons why he cannot practice any of his wrestling moves on the female members of his family:

"Grandma is too old."
"Janet is just a little girl."
"my mom is a lady"
"Cheryl would just kick my ass."

Good to know where I stand, I suppose....LOL! :-D

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I did it! I did it!
I had my first SOY iced mocha today!! They're good! MMMMM. After a WHOLE WEEK of no mochas - this was ecstasy in a cup. Oh, and, there was no big, fat, hairy spider in it. For a moment there, I thought I was going to save money at the coffee store. Damn.
If you like to laugh...
This will do it. My boss wants to know why I am laughing and crying at the same time in my office. (Yes, I was laughing THAT hard.) Oops. Its the work...yeah, the work. I don't dare tell him I have been surfing the net instead of trending complaints.

So...I woke up at 6am this morning. I am supposed to be up at 5am. Whoopsy! Called work to say I slept through my alarm. Went back to bed. (You have to make the whole late-thing worth it, you know?) Got up at 7am. Took a shower. Drove to work and got there by 9am. Something is telling me I need a vacation. My give-a-shit meter seems to be broken. I do take my job seriously, (stop laughing) and am glad to have it, but something is wrong with me lately. Usually, I am the kind of person who will BOLT out of bed and run around in circles when I have discovered that I'm late. When I was little, I used to sleep-walk and my mom would find me in the bathroom at around 2am getting ready for school. When she asked me what in the holy hell I was doing, I would reply "Getting ready. Don't want to be late!". I'm surprised I didn't get strapped to the bed after doing that, like, 6 or 7 times. Now, 15 years later, if I get up at 2am - its because I've had too much to drink and need to hurl.