Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A Sign
I went to cheat and have a cigarette AND some pizza today - and this is what happened:

I lit the wrong end of the cigarette and choked and burned my finger. (For any of you who have done this know how toxic and disgusting this is)

I went to take a big bite of pizza and all the toppings slid off onto my shirt.

If that isn't a sign -- I don't know what is.

Just another little tid-bit for you...I somehow channel surfed onto Fear Factor last night, which I never watch. (I hate reality shows and the like) They had 2 girls and 2 guys putting COW EYEBALLS in their mouth without hands, then popping the juice out of them into a glass until filled to a certain level, then DRINKING the eyeball juice. OK, YUUUUUUCCCKKKY. Who in the hell wants to watch that? They were only getting 50 thousand bucks - and that is only if they win! I wouldn't do that for a million! I like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, yes, but that is NOT REAL. I was so grossed out that I thought I was gonna barf up my chili. Those are some seriously macho women, I tell ya. I thought I was tough because I can lift more weight than most of the guys in the gym and I've jumped out of an airplane, but if I had to go anywhere near my mouth with cow eyeballs --- suddenly all my tough-girlness would vanish into a sea of barf - and then I would probably do the "oh, ick!" dance and spend an hour drinking and gargling mouthwash. I've even seen dead bodies when I interned for the police department. I handled THAT.

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