Tuesday, January 03, 2012

What sucks worse than going back to work?

Getting 2 hours of sleep before having to go back to work.  I am naturally a night owl, so if I have more than 4 days off in a row, I get all turned around.  So, for instance, my new hours became: go to bed at 4 am and wake up at noon.  Oftentimes those hours also included a nap around 3 pm.  Yes, really.  I had to wake up at 7 am today, and it is now 2:30 pm.  I want to die, pure and simple.  I've had two espressos and an energy shot, and it is still an effort to sit up in my chair.  When someone asks me a question, I have a delayed response of about 3 minutes.

I got a brochure in the mail for my local community college and they are now offering cheap classes for non-students.  I am going to take a journalism class, a digital photography class and an Adobe Photoshop class - all for about $150 plus materials.  I need to fill my life with more than work -- sleep -- eat.

Speaking of eating, it is time for my snack.  An Ostrim stick.

Favorite blogger statement of 2011, regarding the yearly OB visit:  "So then came the fun part, you know, when the doctor inserts a car jack into your vagina."  -Dooce

Favorite realization of 2011:  I can say VAGINA whenever I want with NO consequences!!!  Oh, didn't I tell you about almost getting disowned by my former in-laws?  Yeah, I said "Vagina" on Easter.  You seriously wouldn't believe what was discussed at our holiday dinner table this year!  Oh wait, yes you would.  VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA!

I cannot follow a thought all the way through at the moment, so that is why this post goes all over the place like I took too big of a hit off a joint.

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