Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, you wanna know how the date went, dontcha?

I know you are all on pins and needles...well, because my life is just so damn interesting. Ha!

Well, we watched the sunset....AND the sunrise. ;-) Yes, it was a very nice and romantic evening to which my heart fluttered every time he kissed me and touched my face. The beach was beautiful and quaint. I am enjoying every minute of this and not letting myself get wrapped up in any expectations. I don't spend time analyzing what his intentions with me are, and I'm not asking. There is no hurry; if it works out, it works out, if it doesn't, it doesn't - although I do really like him and have incredible chemistry with him. He is a very good looking, successful 46 year old man who says all the right stuff, does all the right stuff, who has never been married and has no kids -- so being certain that he is my knight in shining armor would be a little unrealistic and stupid on my part, I think. I am not even 100% certain of our status as a couple, and that's ok. He keeps calling me, he keeps asking me out, and apparently he thinks of me as a "goddess".

As we were checking out the beach scene, a group of VERY attractive women walked by us.

Me: "WOW."
John: "Yeah, they're hot, but you're a goddess."
Me: (smiling) "A goddess? Uh huh, yeah."
John: "Don't kid yourself. I'm a guy, and trust me, you are incredibly sexy. That, along with intelligent, successful, fun and a total sweetheart."
Me: (Somewhat speechless) "Um...well...thanks. I've been called a lot of things; Goddess is a first."
John: "Well, you are."
Me: "OK, let's go with that."
John: (laughs)

So, although it sounds like I blog the every detail of my life, that is not accurate - there is soooo much more. Lots of stuff going on in my life. Sorry, but some things are just mine to keep. ;-)

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