Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Okay, it seems weird to even SAY that word! I haven't had a "boyfriend" since I was 21 years old! So, here is my sappy little story...

I have been seeing this guy named John. I don't know what it is with the "J's"....My ex's name is Jim - and the last few guys I've dated have been Joe, James and now John...SHEESH! John and I hit it off right away online, then on the phone, and we had sparks on the first and second dates. Our recent date on Sunday was quite a night! He took me to Long Beach where we spent...well...pretty much all night. We settled in a little tiny (and very crowded) bar where we talked for literally HOURS. He had to sit very close to me in order for us to hear each other well and that set the stage for a great night of chemistry. We laughed and actually talked with other people in the bar we didn't know. When he had to order more drinks at the bar, he leaned far over and never let go of my hand. I KNOW!

Being that neither of us wanted to leave, we kinda kept drinking. A little bit too much. So when the bar kicked us out at 2 am, we agreed we would sit in the car until we both felt sober enough to drive and be able to pass the .08 law. We were in the car until 5 am (eventhough I felt completely sober by 3 am). Now for the good part. So somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, the conversation got intense. If this was a line, I have to say he is the master. He said that all of his life (he has never been married) he has looked around (grocery stores, beach, restaurants..) and seen couples -- you know the ones -- where you can tell they have that "connection". He said he would always say to himself "Why can't I find that?" "I really want that." THEN he said...."but tonight, everyone in that bar wanted to be us. I was finally on the other end." Then he kissed me. :-) He definitely earned it. WOW

After that he invited me to meet his family on the 4th of July and said he wanted to introduce me as his girlfriend...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Out having fun

Went out to a bar with my moms tonight. Did a little little dancing and a little karaeoke. LOL!

Got another date tomorrow with the same guy I went out with on Thursday. John. He seems to be very into me. we'll see. I'm just having too much fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huge Slacker

OK, yes I know I have been a huge blog slacker lately. I will try to be better. I have been incredibly busy the last few months - out of state vacation, work deadlines, the boys, men, friends, every day chores and general laziness.

The house remodel is coming along great - as soon as the granite counter tops get installed in the kitchen and the wood flooring goes in, I will take updated pics. It is looking SOOOO good! My mom has also been working in the back yard putting in flowers, palms, etc. People say coming to our house feels like a vacation in Hawaii!! Woooo! Crazydogmama's Oasis... :-)

So I was wrong, I didn't have a date on Sunday, I have one tomorrow night. Sunday, Thursday, whatever...LOL! I have been talking to him for a little while now so I'm excited to see how this goes. I have no expectations anymore so it is less stressful. I just go out and have fun and see what happens.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Invaded by teenagers...

Bill and Robby came to visit me this weekend.  I went up to LA last week to see Bill's play and they begged to come eat real food. LOL. We've been swimming and watching horror movies, and I made them my famous "Cheryl pasta".  Bill's girlfriend Erica, who I love, is moving down in June. I can't wait!  :-)

Not much else going on...work is crazy busy and I'm talking to two different guys. I think I have a date tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Receiving a lot of crap at work...

So while I was in Texas, my friend Mario was staying with friends there, but had to stay with me one night at the hotel because they could not accomodate him that night. The hotel was gracious and brought him up a rollaway bed to sleep in as a guest, but when he called the front desk for something, they referred to him as "Mr. {my last name}", assuming he was my husband. LOL!!! We got a good laugh about that, and I called him by that name the rest of the trip. Well, Mario works for me -- I am his boss. Work caught wind of this story and have now changed his name plate accordingly. OMG, the director of my department was laughing her ass off this morning, especially when I said "Yeah, he is really my bitch now...".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Stop: Oasis

My last stop was the Oasis in Austin. It is a restaurant nestled along the cliffs of Lake Travis and is called "The Sunset Capital of the World". They are right. We hit it right at sunset on Cinco De Mayo and it was one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. The pictures do not do it even the slightest bit of justice. The sun is just a HUGE ball of fire setting ever-so-slowly behind the hills. My sunglasses have a blue hue to them, so when peering at the sunset, it appeared as a big hot pink ball. Incredible. Once the sun completely sets, they ring a bell.

I had some foo-foo drink and basically a bowl of melted cheese. Yummy melted cheese and tortilla chips. I ordered an appetizer, but only took one bite because, well, I ate a bowl of melted cheese. Shut up. I was on vacation. The boyz went on after that back to 6th Street, but I elected to go back to the hotel because holy crap I was tired. 8 days of fun, but I was done. LOL. The flight back sucked. I was supposed to take off at 6:45 pm, but it was delayed over an hour, and I got to the airport at 4 pm, so I sat there what seemed like FOR-EV-ER. Thank God my morning was filled with a hot stone massage and a facial to relax me. Vacation was great fun, and Texas is cool, but I was very glad to come home. Nothing beats home. I love the beach, my pool, my mom and of course I missed little Magadog terribly. I've wanted to talk about Miss Maggie, but with Louie's passing, it seems too hard right now. Don't worry, I'm taking good care of my little girl.

Sorry about the delay in posting, but there has been something distracting me of late. ;-) I'll dish later. Maybe.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Riverwalk ROCKS!!

Love, Love, LOVED it! By far the best part of the trip, however I think I left my liver there. UG. A little hung over today. Despite what you may think, I don't actually drink that much, so when I decide to let loose...well...OUCH. So the next time you are there, you can't miss "Dick's Last Resort". Holy crap that place is hilarious! It is "service with an attitude", and how true that is! The waiters are too much - they make hats for you with nice little sayings (pictured..ha!) and if you are a guy ordering a girly drink, you get a "pussy cat" drawn on your cup! LOL!! I need to work there. The guy giving me the bird was the host. We took the little river boat tour, shopped, ate and drank. Great day!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

San Marcos

Spent the day in San Marcos. My friend Mario graduated from Texas State, so he wanted to go visit his old stpmping grounds. The campus is beautiful, and we had a huge lunch at "Grins" - a college town restaurant. Home of the .99 cent margaritas! Woo! Really cool place; relaxing with trees and foliage all around. I ordered the "hottest burger in San Marcos". I could totally handle it, no problem!! The H.E.B truck? Kind of an inside joke. It is a grocery store, but I call it "The HEB", and it is pronounced by each letter "H" "E" "B" - so Mario laughs every time we see the sign. I can't help it. LOL! Spent the remainder of the day at the pool and jacuzzi. Today we are headed to San Antonio! Leaving now...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Salt Lick, Baby!

So after getting lost in the backwoods of Driftwood, Texas, we found "The Salt Lick" Texas BBQ Ranch! Oh.My.God. YUM! Great food and a little live country band. :-) I had the 3-meat platter with beef brisket, ribs and sausage. I could seriously eat there every night considering my love of meat. It is freezing tonight and Mario is crashing at my hotel. We are watching the CNN coverage of Osama's death and eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Jalepeno Pringles. Good times! LOL Another funny thing...as we were driving back, Johnny Cash came on the radio singing "Walk the Line", to which Mario and I sang along. Classic.

The toilet paper pic...I found it disturbing that this is how much T.P. was in my stall. I was thinking...Oh God...what the hell is in the food!?! I also bought a Salt Lick T-shirt. Had to.

Feeling My Age

OK, I've been going non-stop since I got here and am I TIRED. I slept a good portion of today because I experienced 6th Street last night and didn't get back to the hotel until dawn. They close the street, so there are 100's of people walking around bar hopping and partying. There is live music and food, too. I lost track of all the bars we went to - but I remember a few: Coyote Ugly, The Dirty Dog, and Besos. It was fun, but LOUD. I even got to experience a strip club. LOL The funniest part was every time I showed my ID to a doorman, they did a double take at my age, looked up at me and said "No fucking way!" Hehe..I think I like Texas. :-)

The night before we gorged on massive amounts of Italian food and yesterday before 6th Street we went to the Hula Hut. LOVE that place! You can get a Mai Tai in a FISH BOWL. Tonight is Texas BBQ, and tomorrow I'm not sure.

The weather is very strange here. It was 95 degrees at noon, and now it is 60 degrees. No shit. There could be thunderstorms tonight...oh please oh please oh please!! I would love to see a Texas storm!! Apparently Dallas has a severe thunderstorm warning, but I don't know if we will see anything here or not.