Monday, April 18, 2011

Lips, Lounging and Lack

Lounging: This would be the view from my floating chaise lounger. I baked in the 90 degree weather on Saturday floating around in the pool. It was rough. ;-) Well, actually, me trying to get ON the damn thing without flipping it There may have been laughter about that.

Lips: This would be my lips after using my new Lip Fusion XL Lip Plumper. Fabulous!

Lack: Don't know about Joe and I...he is sweet and funny...but...not there very often. I swear to God I am the unluckiest person in the WORLD when it comes to dating. He hasn't done anything "wrong", but I hardly ever see him. He emails me quite a bit, but I don't want an email relationship. I guess I will just see where it goes and keep my options open. Frustrating!!!

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