Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So I went to lunch today with coworkers/friends Mario and Paula. I was driving, and on the way back to the office we had a pretty funny conversation. Paula is back on the dating scene after a long while just like me, and Mario is a perma-bachelor who is protective of his friend Cheryl.

Paula: "So when do we get to see a picture of your new man?"
Mario: "Yeah! When?"
Me: "Well I have a couple on my phone - here.." (showing pictures...)
Paula: "Oh, he's hot!"
Mario: "He looks like a serial killer."
Me: "He does NOT look like a serial killer. What is the matter with you?!"
Mario: "He does too look like a serial killer, you are dating a serial killer."
Me: "Get OUT. Get OUT of the car." (Paula is howling in laughter in the back seat.)
Mario: (laughing) "Look at him...serial killer."
Me: "OUT! Gimme my phone! You're fired!"

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