Monday, March 14, 2011

Loving the life I'm living now...

I spent a buttload of money over the weekend. That's what happens when you have an episode of insomnia and go online shopping. LOL! I bought a bunch of new clothes (the pics above are a sampling of what I got), including some new workout gear (Ottomix), some new makeup "Raw Natural Minerals", and a big jug of caramel latte protein powder. I joined "LA Boxing" which is right down the street from me. I finally did it. Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - hopefully starting today. I was nervous to tell Joe (yes, that's his name) about the boxing because he thinks I'm so feminine - every time he sees me I'm all dressed up and in high heels. ROFLMAO! But, when I told him, he said "Oh, that's hot." He is very secure in his manhood. :-)
While listening to my favorite tunes and drinking a glass of wine, I BBQ'd a pound of marinated Carne Asada last night and grilled with it some jalpenos, green and red peppers and onions. YUMMMMY!! That gives me lunch for a few days. Then I watched "Zombieland" while waiting for the pool to heat up to a perfect 84 degrees and took a nice long skinny dip. That is my absolute favorite thing to do before bed. I got the pool light fixed, so it is so cool! The pool glows and you can see the steam rising off of it.

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