Monday, November 29, 2010

Bill sings the blues on T-day.

The boys on Screamin'.

The boys standing in line for Space Mt. What a pair!

I made breakfast for T-day.

The boys at T-day dinner. (That is apple cider, not scotch. hehe.)

What a weekend...WOOH. Thanksgiving was nice - lots 'o food and fun. There was piano-playing and singing, laughing, and me sneaking out to talk on the phone (and getting yelled at for it). LOL! No one but the boys would let me post pics. Spoiled sports. Went to D-Land all day on Friday, and I mean ALL DAY. I about DIED. 12 freaking hours. I could not move on Saturday. I was limping. Sunday I had a migraine. Back to the salt mines today. Getting an ultrasound on Friday, a biopsy the following Thursday and then surgery based on the results. UG. I may talk about it later; that is all I am saying for now.

DATING BUZZ: I think I have finally met a great guy. Things are going REALLY well with Paul. He finishes recording on Friday, so we will be spending the weekend together. I am supposed to go up to his place to help decorate the tree, have dinner and meet his dad. I am terrified. I think I am going to be a bit of a fish out of water up in that area. (Sherman Oaks). Hopefully I won't run into the Olsen twins. HA.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just got back from a midnight showing of Paranormal Activity 2. The boys (my step son and his friend) came to spend the holiday weekend with me and they dragged me out past my bedtime. Great flick! Tomorrow we are feasting at my second mom's house and then heading to D-land on Friday. And I refuse to think about the biopsy I have next week.

DATING BUZZ: Paul is so great. We talk EVERY day, sometimes more than once, and every day I like him more. It is frightening how much we have in common, and the circumstances surrounding how we met is equally as eerie. It is seriously like the universe is throwing us together - no joke. We aren't able to see each other right now (which is frustrating to both of us) because he is in the middle of recording an album, then getting surgery - and I have the boys, getting the biopsy and then probably getting surgery myself (which he knows about). He knows about my issues, I know about his, yet neither of us is running; it is bringing us closer together. For the first time in a LONG time, I feel hopeful and happy despite all my crap. I feel like a school girl. My mom and the boys laughed at me tonight when I jumped three feet in the air to the ringing of my phone and ran to answer it. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be a serial killer or something. LOL

Off to bed. Happy Turkey Day!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today was not the best. After about an hour of being at work, I got a phone call from my doctor. The kind of phone call you never want to get. I will probably be fine, but just in case I'm not, I wouldn't object to a few prayers from strangers. I told my boss and my close coworkers. No one knew what to say and they sent me home to get my head together. Why does the worst shit happen to me right before the holidays? Dad dies, husband leaves, doctor makes me drop the phone...

DATING BUZZ: I hate talking on the phone. HATE IT. I avoid it all costs. Paul and I talked for two hours last night and never once did I want to get off. I am in trouble. In more than one way. I told myself it is WAY too early to feel anything so to snap out it and get a grip. But I like him. Damn it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

So I asked my boss if I could have Wednesday off and this is how she replies:

"You can have Wednesday off on these conditions...that you do not open any WORK email, answer any WORK phone calls or do any type of WORK."


This is what my life has turned into. People knowing I will work from home on a day I have requested off as a vacation day. I am mentally ill.

I am starting a new "section" to my posts I will call "Dating Buzz". See Below.

DATING BUZZ: Paul [the Drummer] has emailed me at LEAST once a day since we met (looong emails), and calls me at least once a day. So far he is adoreable; which makes me nervous. He has also told his father all about me. (I heard his father in the background during one of our calls.) I told him all about having to call the cops on one of my interested parties and how I am now ultra untrusting and paranoid, and so he told me when he sees me that I can copy down the info on his Driver's License and Social Security Card and do a background check on him. LOL!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Got the pups a buzz cut because they were so badly matted. They look hilarious! Lou is freezing today so I put a Freddy Krueger sweater on him. LOL. It has been POURING down rain here - you can't really tell from the pic but we won't need to fill the pool for awhile. Sheesh.

In other news, I am compiling a "Dear David" email because he is "doing it wrong" as I explained earlier. Besides, there is someone else who so far, it doing it right. Just got off a great hour long call with him and I can't keep up with his emails. He is VERY enthusiastic, closer to my age and NO kids. He is somewhat of a celebrity though; a drummer. LORD HAVE MERCY. Stay tuned; things are definitely getting interesting around here.

It sounds like my dating life is great, doesn't it? It is not. Unfortunately, with David, I don't believe I am any kind of a priority to him. I only get to see him every two to three weeks and then, only one day. He devotes ALL of his time to his kids. I don't have a problem with kids, and I am glad he is a great father, but I have to admit, I need to be SOME sort of a priority. You can't get to know someone this way. He is a typical guy in that I have NO IDEA what is going on in his head, either. I play NO games, and I am very close to ending things with him. I deserve better, I think. He has been very sweet, but is less than attentive, and I'm sorry, I'm not some doll you can just sit on a shelf when you are busy with more important things.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pics from the date.

Well what do I write about. Blogger's block.  David and I spent all of Sunday together at Huntington Beach walking, talking, watching the surfers and looking through the overpriced crap at the festival. He brought me a rose from his garden and we went to Greek for lunch and Mexican for dinner. A very nice day. He is a nice man.  I don't have any idea where it is going relationship-wise and I am not going to ask, but his kisses are getting more "passionate" so i know where THAT is going. LOL

I have been very, very tired this week and going to bed early. I came home from work today at one just exhausted. Don't know what's going on with me.  That's all I can think of for now.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

So what happens when you are a workaholic and never leave your desk? Your coworkers get creative on ways to get you out for a birthday lunch. In mid-type, someone pulled my chair from behind and started rolling me down the hallway toward the parking lot. As we rolled past the bathroom I was told "If you have to pee, do it now....oop, too late." LOL! Gotta love 'em. One of my boys got me a $20 Starbucks card, too. Sooo sweet! I can't believe they did that! The night before, I didn't leave work until midnight and I got two messages. One was an email from the VP of the site telling me to "GO HOME" and the other was a voicemail from my friend Mario saying verbatim "WTF is going on with you never answering your phone anymore and why are you not at my house yet?"

For dinner, I was taken out to my new fav Italian restaurant (Scarantino's) down the street and I had Capellini Pomodoro with shrimp, a glass of merlot and tiramisu for dessert. MMMMMMM full tummy.

I'm supposed to go out with David tomorrow. He wanted to drive up to Santa Barbara, but I don't want to be in the car that long so we decided just to spend the day at the beach or something. As romantic as it sounded, I've been on one-too-many road trips the last few years and I'm just not up to it right now. Plus, I don't know how I feel about anything yet - I'm keeping everyone at a distance at the moment. Kind of like 'you can touch my boob, but stay away from my heart.' HAHAHAHA. I think I am holding out for something that will never happen. I'm sure at some point I will give up.

Oh, I uploaded a bunch of pics to my flickr account and updated my amazon list. Just in case you look at that crap. :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

39 Candles

Yup. One more year of my thirties. I woke up in a very foul mood but my birthday did end on a good note.  I was on a pity pot but my new friends and co workers perked me up then my fam took me out. I am super tired so I will blog later. LOTS to write about. Until the a.m. ...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oh my GOD I'm sick of coughing!! People were actually laughing at me today because I get visibly *pissed* after each coughing fit. It is so irritating and disruptive. The doctor said this pneumonia thing is going to take about 4 weeks to pass. Four fucking weeks. Sigh.

Although I am still under serious pressure and intensely busy at work, I talked with the Director and she reassured me about some things. I guess it is good just to let your thoughts out once in awhile. For a minute there I was stressing hard. I have to learn to let go of things. Easier said than done.

It seems everyone I talk to is having an equally as challenging life as myself. (or more challenging.) I have two friends trying to stave off foreclosures, a couple of friends going through divorce, and other friends/aquaintances battling with their own life struggles. On one hand it is nice to know I'm not alone, but on the other I am sad to think of so many people hurting. The world is in a crazy way - I've never seen anything like it. I guess we all need to stick together, huh? I had to lower the sale price of my home today. Drastically. I am now selling it for less than what I owe on it. Terrific, huh? I need to shed the two mortgages desperately, though.

Well, I *think* I'm still dating. If you can call it that. I still see David occassionally, but he has kids so it is far and few between. We are supposed to go out this weekend for my birthday. I also have been emailing someone else, but no date has been set up yet. Don't really know, don't really care. I'm a bit complacent about it at this point.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I have had a nice few days. I know, it surprised me too!  I went to work on Friday and I actually didn't mind it. Everyone was nice and seemed glad I was back. I was productive and felt good about it.  Then today I relaxed in the backyard, took a long nap and went to my second mom's house for dinner.  I'm finally feeling a little better.  Sometimes you have to get sick just so you can feel better I guess.  Big kisses and hugs to you all for being so nice and concerned about me.  And an especially big kiss for my OTHER fan. ;-)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Have you ever wanted an answer so bad to a question that you would do anything to get it? There is something in my life that I cannot make sense of. A question I've had now for a few years that I don't know that I'll ever get an answer to. If I wasn't faced with this daily, I could forget about it, but it is there. Taunting me. Always and without fail. Why? I can get my mind around most things (more so than others), but sometimes human behavior can be so unexplainable. When you've had a blog as long as I have, you witness and experience some strange things. You learn a lot about yourself as well. I'm not really a typical girl. I'd like to think I am, but let's face it, when you lay naked in a recliner drinking narcotic cough syrup right out of the bottle and blogging while watching "Secretary" the movie and liking it, you just ain't typical. I'm going to be 39 in a week.

A stranger's presence here is so elusive, yet so forceful. I am consumed by it, really. Seems they are consumed as well. But what consumes them? The word erotic comes to mind, but madness courses through my veins instead. What can I do to get this answer? Tell me. SHOW me. You have never had my attention as much as you have it now. I will not give up. Ever. I don't think you will either. Take a chance. DO IT. You did it before. Listen to me because I know you want to. We've never met, but we know each other. You are as deeply disturbed as I am. And I love that.

Dinner: A big-ass Dr. Pepper. Food? Blah. Nothing else sounded good. My mom is sick now too and all she wanted was a milkshake. We are quite the pair right now. It has been in the 100's this week so I have been laying around sick in my bathing suit. Wore it to the drive thru tonight too. LOL. Gotta love California. The house is completely torn apart with the remodel and even if we wanted to cook there is not one inch of free space in the kitchen.

I stayed home again today since I get no sleep with my warbly hack. I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow. I got a distress call from a coworker today and know I will be walking into a huge mess. Huge. Neat.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So as soon as I tell him no to two dates because I have plans already, go on a business trip then get deathly ill, he suddenly becomes mega attentive emailing me 2 to 3 times a day. Wtf??  He thinks he can't have me now so game ON. Pfft. That's all fine and great except the minute he gets me I bet my life he loses all interest. Not up to it.  Sorry.  It is simple. Adore me and you will find it is worth your time. If not, hit the road Jack.

Can't sleep. Coughing my lungs through my nostrils. Don't seem to be getting better. Staying home again tomorrow. Doctor's orders.  I'm in no condition to argue. Have never missed this much work.   

Monday, November 01, 2010

Well I didn't slit my wrists but I did manage to stop breathing.  Ya.  I caught some sort of severe respiratory infection that triggered my asthma and I went purple.  Had to go on a breathing machine and get a shot in my butt.  It hurt. My ass hurts.  Now I have all these drugs and inhalers and feel like an invalid because I start panting just walking back and forth from the bathroom.  This blows.  No wonder I've been grumpy.,