Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disney Halloween Time!

OMG the "scary" Space Mountain is WAY cool!! I'm such a nerd, but I LOVED the ghoul effects and sinister music! The outside was all lit up too, with psychedelic colors. Went after work with my second mom (my Godmother Cathy) and we had such a great time - eating ginger pastries with egg nog anglaise sauce, shopping and Halloween Haunted Mansion. If the park had stayed open longer we would have rode Space Mt 5 times in a row! We finished up with a mocha at the La Brea Bakery and I bought a sexy new lipstick at Sephora in Downtown Disney. I do love living here!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can't sleep. Too hot. It was 105 today. My evening dip in the pool only cooled me off for 10 minutes. UG.

Gary keeps calling me but I don't answer anymore. Something weird happened and I don't want any part of it. I don't want to say much more about it, but it isn't good and I think I will let this go and continue to wait for a real man. One that I can make happy and one that will make me happy in return; less the frigging drama. Life is too short to settle for anyhing less.

Mario is doing well at work and I like bossing him around. LOL

All the snot has finally left my body. GOOD GOD there was a lot of it. I know I know, TMI. But you know to expect that here.

It is quiet tonight. Not even a cricket.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow - I haven't blogged for a whole week!

Can't remember the last time I did that...

Odd week. It started off taking Mario into emergency to get stitches. His story to tell. I was super sick for about 5 days. Work is frustrating me and the challenges are overwhelming. I am tired. There is something going on with Gary, but I can't talk about it on the blog yet. Not until I know more myself. Living alone in a big house with a pool is a lot of work. Went to "The Reef" for dinner with coworker friends on Wednesday and it was good - had prime rib. Went shopping and took my second mom to lunch yesterday for her belated birthday. Going to get my nails done today and then lay in sun and swim. Going to Disneyland Wednesday night for a Halloween special thing.

That sums it up. LOL!

I will post a much better post later when I am not feeling lame.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wild Orchid

Ya, the older movie with Mickey Rourke. I watched it this evening. I saw it while scanning the channels and had never seen it. Apparently it was mediocre at best in its time only receiving 2 stars out of 5, however I found it oddly erotic. Few movies do that for me and most I have seen in the last few years have either bored me or given me zero hope in future passion. It certainly made ME want to be seduced by a sexy millionaire in Rio Di Gennaro! What has happened to that kind of sexual passion anyway?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doing laundry Crazydogmama style.

Instead of carrying it all down the stairs - huck it over the railing so you can carry your gimpy dog down the stairs instead. And yes I always have that much laundry - I have lots of clothes.

Still have a sore throat and a drippy nose but I'm better. I have to admit I really miss Gary. I really, really miss him. Maybe he will forgive me for being a mess. I don't know. I'm kinda down today. Been crying a little. I know, I'm pathetic.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fear is stupid. It is not natural. Understandable, but not natural. It is learned behavior. Love, joy, anger, peace - those are natural. Fear is made up; all in your head. It can be overcome. I can overcome it. Being cautious and using common sense is good - but fear will keep you from life. From love. I should have nothing to fear. My life is my own, the future is unknown, but shouldn't be feared. I want to be in the present. Not the past, not the future, but RIGHT NOW. Moments in time can never be brought back. Today, this minute, this thought, this post. I do believe if something is meant to be, it will be. No matter how much you avoid it or go after it, it's longevity will only succeed if it is meant to be. I think we all interfere too much with everything. Let go. I also still believe paths cross for a reason. It changes both people in some way.

I'm feeling better. My second mom came over today and made me homemade chicken soup. Bless her big heart.

I had to take poor Lou to the vet, something was lodged in his paw. His paw is fine now, but he is taking an awfully long time to come out of his stupor from the meds. Breaks my heart to him this way. Been loving on him. Even tried to sing to him but he looked up at me with glossed over eyes that said "please please stop mama". LOL

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm really sick. Even my eyeballs hurt. And I'm confused. I'm sick, I'm alone, I'm stressed about the work piling up, and the person I was excited about is all of a sudden gone because I am afraid. I know it was probably a bad idea, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. What a mess. Louie is limping too. He won't use his front left paw. I've looked at it but can't find anything wrong and I'm too sick to get him to the vet. Bloody hell.

Well it sounds like we all agree that it is dumpsville for Gary. Damn. Oh well, gotta wade through the sharks before you find a nice fish I guess. God I hate drama.

Mario (pictured) took me to dinner last night for the best carne asada I've EVER had! It was his thank you to me for the job. He also told me to run from red flag man. In fact, he was quite emphatic about it, so I will never hear the end of it if I fail to heed the warning.

Oh, and I have the flu. Woke up to a sore throat and 102 fever. I'm dying.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yup, I screwed it up. He is upset with me. But if he can't understand my fears and what I've been through, screw him. Back to the drawing board I guess.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's official. I'm tweaking. I can't help it. I'm too afraid. He has to be lying about something, it's too perfect. I may have screwed things up.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This scared the holy living crap out of me. Gives a whole new meaning to table legs!! Ha! Courtesy of the "Roadhouse Bar and Grill".

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a wonderful world

I know, you aren't used to hearing that from Crazydogmama. LOL Just having a good time right now, trying not to ruin it by wondering when it will all end. Ma is going back to WA tonight - taking her to the airport soon. Mario gets back from Chicago tonight and I'm one week closer to seeing Gary. It is so cute - both my mom and I are always either on the phone to our men (she is seeing someone too) or fighting over the computer. Gary and I wake each other up a lot since we are 8 hours apart right now, but we don't care and still stumble to the computer to chat anyway. You should of heard me on the phone with Verizon Wireless trying to set up International calling - I was getting frustrated with the clerk and ending up saying "I just wanna frigging call Nigeria - make it so I can do that NOW!" LOL Love makes you do very silly things I think. Is it love? Who knows - what's that? Who cares, I love the way this feels, that is all I know.

Back to work tomorrow to the craziness. I had a great 4 days off. I am going to take two weeks off in October when Gary gets here, so I have to get everyone trained and things running smoothly!

Friday, September 10, 2010

What have I been up to?
To no good of course! Some pics of my recent outings...
Had a bbq at the house with my mom and Mario (he hates his pic taken) - we ate steaks, drank rum and cokes until we passed out in the sun and got sunburnt , went on a date to Laguna Beach and walked along the rocks (I dumped him 4 days later), dinner at a friends house (Al my friend pictured in the white head wrap), mom and I walked the marina at Dana Point and I took a pic of our feet; how shocking, no? LOL! and last night I spent the evening at California Adventure riding the screamin' rollercoaster (right before the launch pictur
ed) which I have now finally ridden at night!! Mario and I are doing the full Disneyland resort next weekend cuz he is in Chicago right now visiting his folks. I am so excited! We will have such a blast!
I am now in a "relationship" with Gary and probably won't date much anymore - just hang out with my new best friend Mario and my other friends. Once Gary moves here in a month we will see how things progress! I think I may have found someone REALLY special.
Today I'm going shopping at IKEA and getting my car fixed (needed some work).
That's the news...the weather is pleasant and in the upper 70's, low 80's.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pictures and writing tomorrow - just getting home from a 14 hour day. OH! Gary is calling me from Africa...gotta go!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I have so much to write, but I wish I could let loose. I wish I was truly anonymous so that I could write my story; especially now. The experiences I'm having from lust to love and everything in between. The confusion, the excitement, the adventure, the danger. Dancing in the ocean waves, riding in a stranger's covertible corvette at sunset, finding a deep connection in friendship and getting letters with words so beautiful they make me cry. My story of pain and loss and almost letting go, to finding freedom and life and the beauty in being myself.

Perhaps I will start a new blog or maybe I'll throw caution to the wind and share it right here. I do not know yet. Tomorrow will bring yet another new experience at 7pm.

I don't know where to begin, or where to end.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

This is my honey. Handsome, huh? I think so. He chilled out and is still my favorite. We had a long talk this morning and I am feeling much better about everything. I'm still in awe that he thinks I'm so beautiful after I sent him a bunch of pics of my chubby little body. LOL He said he can't wait to get here. He will be here in about 5 weeks after he finishes his contract. He says he is coming here TO STAY. He said he is not going back to Texas. OMG!! :-)

Friday, September 03, 2010

P.F. Changs baby! MMMM

Date with ma tonight. Got our hair done and went to dinner. California has really changed both of us - I swear we act like a couple of 25 year olds. She is now sellling her house in WA and looking for a beach house! Go Mama! We chat about boys, get mani/pedi's and wait for the sales at Chico's.

Speaking of boys, I have a beach date on Sunday and Mario is hanging out with me poolside all day Monday at the house. I'm backing off just a little with Gary since he freaked me out. My mom said "oh great, if you back away he'll probably be here by Saturday.". LOL!!! I told you Mike was back, right? What to do, what to do. I'm running all of this past Mario - he's got good man-advice.

I was shocked today at work when the general manager pulled me aside and told me how awesome I am and how he had been telling the VP (the VP of the whole company!) that I am always the last to leave at night and how I was key to the success of the plant. HOLY SHIT. After the week I had, I thought he was going to fire me! He said he had my back and not to worry about a thing. Talk about not knowing what to say!! Life surprises me every single day.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fucked up day. Someone REALLY pissed me off at work and that rarely happens. Some brat always has to screw up a great situation, I swear. I also rarely lose my cool but had to put someone in their place today. I hate that.

I'm also in a little trouble and I need advice from the masses. Gary is really getting serious with me and he kinda wigged today when I mentioned something "a guy" said to me. He is all freaked that I am going to find someone else. If I told him I was dating (but nothing serious) I think he would have a heart attack. I'm not kidding. We talked about it tonight, and I told him to chill, but should I take this behaviour as a compliment or run? I don't want some crazy jealous guy (and there is no ring on this finger!), but he is so sweet and is so honestly worried that he will lose me. I told him how I felt about him getting jealous and he apologized profusely, but still. Red flag? I don't know. I really like him, but I haven't even met him in person yet. I probably ought not to tell him of the blog just yet. LOL

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Okay, not sure how this happened, but I have men up to my eyeballs! Gary is of course my favorite, but he better hurry his ass up and get here if he is serious...LOL

I have one, possibly two different dates this weekend and another guy in Modesto threatening to fly down and sweep me off my feet. Also, Mike is back. Am I dreaming??? Mario told me I should get out there and live it up, and then I told him "how am I supposed to do that when you are texting me all day every day??". He calls me "boss" now. Its true literally, but sounds funny and makes me laugh. Well God help me, I'm in all kinds of unfamiliar territory.

So busy I can't even think. Meeting great people, working and falling for Gary. He is coming to visit me in a month when he finishes his contract in Africa. (He works all over the world). So excited! Went to Mario's tonight to celebrate. I hired him. The other interviewers liked him too. He is so excited and so grateful. His thank you made me tear up. While we were chatting, both of our crackberries kept dinging and we were trying not to answer them to be courteous, but at one point we just started laughing, picked them up and answered our texts/emails at the same time. That's when I snuck in the pic! Ha! I'm evil.

Oh, yes, by request I will silence the music, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow cuz I can't do it from my phone.

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