Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have to have leather seats in my car - not because I'm snooty or because it smells good, but because when I get into the car, my underwear doesn't slide sideways.

The single most important feature in a house for me is nice, new, GOOD carpeting.

I CANNOT eat Oreos without milk.

Everything on my desk at work has to be angled in the same direction.

If someone has a zit, I beg them to let me pop it. I love puss. :-)
They are usually uncoopertive.

I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life.

I will not wear a turtle neck. Ever.

I HATE clutter, but it doesn't bother me if other people have it.

I hate dusting.

I usually only wear black socks.

The only kind of olive I will eat is a Kalamata, and the only mushroom I like is a shitake.

I love milk with everything.

If I can, I pay bills the same day they come in the mail.

I will mostly talk about anything, but there are a few things I don't like to talk about at all with anyone.

I can figure out almost ANYTHING on a computer (eventually), but I have trouble putting a box together.

I fell in the shower once and got a concussion.

I would really like to go parasailing one day.

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Ann(ie) said...

Ditto on turtlenecks dusting and clutter. But milk with everything?? Ew. You and mateo would get along well!!