Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm trying to stay awake...

This is not usually a problem for me - I'm a night owl. But, I'm tired tonight. Hope everyone else is having more fun than me. Sorry Juice, I wasn't up to the drive to Mucklevegas. I didn't know it was two hours from me. Ug. All of a sudden I'm in a funk. Not a good way to start the new year, but I do have an hour left.
No plans yet. I'm sure I'll have a date with the couch. and the Crackberry.

Does anyone have New Year's plans after 35? The last time I got crazy was....1993. There was beer dripping from the ceiling. I know. Now? I'll probably be blogging at the strike of midnight. HOLD ME BACK! LOL When I very first got the internet back in 1995, I was in a chat room and didn't even realize it was midnight. Yes, the addiction started way back then. I do have some champagne in the fridge - may as well drink it. My mom was iffy about driving all the way up to my house, so I don't know if I'll have a champagne buddy or not. My mom is funny when she drinks. Hi mom! ;-) In the waitressing years, I was working making serious bank. Now it's just another day. Another day in paradise.

Anyway, if you want to ring in the new year with me, I'm sure I'll be here on the CDM bloggery. Those of you who have my phone # can text me - then we can be super cool together! hehe.
Just for fun...

I was told to use each letter of the Alphabet and relate it to myself somehow with a word or phrase. Alrighty. Whatever.

A - Anal Retentive. I am a perfectionist, especially with paperwork and projects. It takes me a millenium to paint a room because every single little spot has to be right.

B - Blackberry. It is an appendage.

C - For Cheryl AND Crazydogmama!

D - Dogs. Love 'em.

E - email. Can't live without it.

F - Fun. Love to have it.

G - Google. Use it every day.

H - Horror movies. Awesome!

I - Intense. I am very intense.

J - Jittery. I drink a lot of coffee.

K - Kabobs. Love to make them, love to eat them.

L - Longing. I'm doing that.

M - Mochas. Drink them almost every day.

N - Neurotic. Who me?

O - Orion. I like constellations and looking at the stars.

P - Photography. I love it. I want to get better at it.

Q - Quirky. That would be me.

R - Raising Hell. I'm good at it.

S - Sultry. Someone told me I was "sultry" once. I went with it.

T - Tulips. So pretty.

U - Ulcer. I think I have one.

V - Voracious. My appetite for many things.

W - Writing. I do a lot of it.

X - X-Men. I used to draw the comic book characters from this comic when I was young.

Y - Yearning. I do this too.

Z - ZZZZZ. I either can't sleep, or sleep too much.

Sweater boots! For those of us with oversized calves. It is ALL muscle, I'm telling you...

So what has Crazydodmama been up to? Well, I left work yesterday and went to my mom's to promptly take a nap. Then, we went out for Mexican food and went shopping. I've GOT to stop with the shopping, but I only bought socks and maybe another cheap movie. ;-). I aleady had the boots. I am in all black today - I'm in mourning. My money keeps going missing. LOL

What's in store for my New Year's? Stay tuned. I don't know yet.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

California Dreaming...

I looked at my Cali pics last night while I was *attempting* to organize my photos. What a mess. I am missing the sun and the pool and the fun right about now. We've come into what I call the "boring months" - and if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I hate February. HATE it. I know I've never explained why, but it is some pretty heavy stuff that is sensitive and personal. Some really bad things have happened to me in more than a few Februaries - one of them on Valentine's Day, which is why I generally don't celebrate it. So fuck February. Maybe something good will happen in Feb. 09. You never know. I'd like to put my past in the past. For Good. Sometimes if you replace bad memories with good ones, you can recover.

Anyway, back to Cali. I'm probably going back this summer - hopefully for 2 weeks, unless I can come up with a way to get somewhere else. I'm not holding my breath.
I look like Holy hell today. I don't even want to post a picture. Bad hair day, bad face day, bad everything day. Don't look at me today. K? K. I spent my usual time getting ready, but it was futile. The planets must not be aligned correctly - either that or I'm just ugly and finally realized it. Hehe. It could be my attire: Black slacks, a purple lace top and hiking boots. No, its the hair. and my breakout. Enough to put a girl in a pissy mood. ;-) This is the day when I will run into somebody from Highschool, or a cute guy, or some old boyfriend and I look like I have been camping. LOL It's Murphy's Law. To remedy this, I'm going to go get my nails done and go tanning. Maybe I'll make a hair appointment. Something. Normally I wouldn't give a rat's ass, but I've really been trying to improve myself; take care of myself. I have all these new clothes, makeup, etc. and DAMN IT, it's a lot of work! It is like working on a car for 6 months and it won't start. Frustrating.

There is NOTHING going on. Nothing. I have no exciting news, nothing fun to talk about, and nothing stupid has happened to me today. Yet. I'll work on it.
...and then sometimes I feel evil and naughty and want to let my hair down listening to this...

I definitely have a wild side. Some of you have seen it.

Oh come on, who doesn't like a little Rob Zombie sometimes?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kick Ass New Album - Crazydogmama's pick

The Verve. The same guys that did "Bittersweet Symphony" and "Lucky Man" (one of my all time fav songs - I adore the lyrics). I LOVE the new song "Love is Noise".

Here is my neck. Actually, I was trying to take a pic of the earrings. Then there is me being blind. I have to cook with them on now because my eyesight just keeps getting worse. I blame my obssession with the cyber world and digital photos. Sometimes I mess up the shampoo bottle and the conditioner bottle. Which is neat. The other night I almost dropped my glasses in the brownie mix. I told you...trainwreck. I'm trying to decide how to spend my evening - any ideas? I'm at a loss.

Contemplating. You can see the sheer joy on my face while I do this. I stayed up entirely too late working on some computer projects, so I'm a little loopy this morning. 2009 is right around the corner and I wonder what it will bring. I could NEVER have guessed any of the events of 2008 for myself. The good ones or the bad ones. I can't say that it was a horrible year, I had some really neat things happen. I even got to go to California 3 times. It wasn't all bad. I've made a TON of changes in my personal life, and plan to keep going with that. I'm curious about the future at this point. There is both hesitation and excitement to see how things flow. The unknown is becoming less and less scary to me, and change is welcomed. Yes, my heart hurts in some ways, but I have many people to thank for my metamorphosis. My hope was dead for awhile, but I think it found it's way through. Remember: things happen for a reason (even bad things) and what is meant to be will be. That statement is comforting to me right now. Life can turn on a dime as time deems appropriate. Not everything is our decision, yet some things are.

What do you REALLY want from the new year?

I don't do resolutions anymore, I just reflect and move forward accordingly. Keeping a blog and journal really help with reflection.

Tell me, do you have plans, goals, something you are looking forward to? How did you change this year? I really want to know.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

And just for fun, I got "Beetlejuice" for $7.50, 2 pairs of earrings for $5 and a nice, genuine leather wallet for $19.99. Now that's good shopping! Beetlejuice cracks me up. I'm going to HAVE to get rid of some old stuff...soon. I just love these after Christmas sales. I'm spoiling myself a little - but after more than 10 years of going without anything fun, I deserve it! Before the past few months, it had been over 3 years since I bought myself any new clothing.

Shopping with Crazydogmama...

Tasty salad dressing - I wouldn't have thought so, but YUM. I miss blue toilet ducks. I really do. They were awesome. I'm getting one of those pre-roasted chickens for dinner, because today is NOT a cooking day. I'm going to have lots of leftovers for lunches this week - even though it's only a three day week.

Am I entertaining you? LOL

Nice truck. Sorry about the penis.

You know what's annoying? Putting on mascara, then sneezing. Girls, you know what I mean. You have all these little black marks all over your eyeballs that takes an HOUR to get off, then you have to start ALL over again with the eye makeup.

Anyway, here is my big basket 'o bath stuff, and what parking lots look like now - big piles of snow banks everywhere. I'm out and about taking random pics and feeling chatty, so a-blogging I will do.

I am officially losing it.

Not only am I leaving strange comments on my own blog, I go into rooms forgetting why I went in there, I burnt my tongue on a piece of pumpkin bread this morning, I have weird dreams, I pace around the house and I talk to myself. Sign me up for the funny farm, seriously. My blog is just getting weirder and weirder, huh? Just wait until I launch "Operation get-rid-of-double-chin".
I just woke up from a bizzare dream. In the dream, I woke up in a big bed - no one was in it but me, but it wasn't my bed. I got up and started looking around. I was in a big house with lots of windows. It was very neat and clean, but sparsely decorated. In the bathroom, a bunch of brand new bath stuff was laid out for me. So I took a bath. Afterward, I went downstairs. Still no one. There was hardly any food in the kitchen, but there was some fresh fruit laying out for me. I saw a note on the kitchen table that said "I'll meet you on the back patio in one hour.". It was sunny and warm outside. (Oh that sounds nice right now!). I didn't know when the note was written, so I went out on the patio. I heard someone come in the front door, whistling. That's all I can remember.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Behold the pumpkin loaf. To be served with coffee and cool whip. What the hell am I going to do with all of this food?

It was a cooking day. Here lies butternut squash ravioli's with ricotta and fontina cheese in a light garlic butter cream sauce with parmesan and white wine. I was only able to eat 4 of the ravioli's because they were so rich. I also made fresh baked bread. In the oven is my pumpkin loaf. I am going to have to dial it down come January because if I keep this up, I will weigh 500 pounds. I've been eating like I have a tape worm! My butt needs to get back to the gym VERY soon.
I am feeling soooo lazy today, coming down off of the holidays. I also have a sty and a zit. Grrrrrrrr. I have to go talk to my OB about my hormones - something is up. Aren't you glad you read my blog? LOL Would you like to also know about my period and my crazy libido? I can't help it - I can talk about most anything without getting embarassed. I only do it about myself, though, I would never want to violate anyone else's privacy. Some people love it, some people hate it, but this is me. Take it or leave it. You must be ok with it, you're still reading my blog! ;-) Wait!!! Don't go.....!!!

I am in a baking mood. I'm going to make a pumpkin loaf. I'll take a pic for you. Per usual.

Today. What I am doing today? Well, I woke up to RAIN, glorious RAIN. Never thought I would say that! It is going to be a flood, but I've had enough snow. I have to do some work from home - and I have to go buy a new wallet. Yesterday, while out shopping, I opened the zipper compartment of change, and the zipper just kept coming right off - along with flying coins all over the place. It was fun. I always draw lookee lou's when I'm out. I wonder why. I'm a trainwreck.

Anyway, I just ordered a black bra online (you really wanted to know that, I'm sure) and now I'm blogging because I realized it was noon already and I hadn't said anything yet. The shame! I didn't wake up until 10:30, so sue me. I just couldn't get out of bed. Blah. My phone is ringing, gotta go.

OMG I just realized how awful that bath robe picture of me is! Ug. I look stoned or something. LOL

Friday, December 26, 2008

I love the word "clearance". I just got THE most comfortable, cozy robe in the WORLD. It's one of those hotel robes. For cheap! Now my home spa just needs one of those Swiss showers with jets all over the walls shooting at you from every direction and then the big sunflower overhead nozzle that feels like rain coming down. I would never leave the shower! It could be romantic, too! Too bad I can only afford clearance items. Bah.

Hi! The interview didn't happen today - will later. My interviewer is MIA. Probably the weather. It's FREAKING SNOWING AGAIN. I have close to 2 feet of snow. ENOUGH ALREADY. I'm taking my mom home via a little after Christmas sale shopping. Like I need more stuff. I'm hungry so I'll blog later.
Good morning all - I have a second interview this morning with that cancer research company that I spoke with when I was in California last. Wish me luck - this would be way more money. I like where I'm at now, but it makes my budget a little tight and with contracting, there are not many benefits. I haven't heard back from Tennessee yet - not expecting to until after the first of the year. Gotta go I'll report back later.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am so full I am going to burst. I can't even finish my cake. I goofed and took a long nap and didn't get my prime rib in the oven until 6 pm with a two + hour cook time. Oops. It's just as well, though, because I made Belgian waffles with strawberries, eggs and bacon for breakfast and the appetite didn't quite come back until late anyway. My mom, who weighs about a buck-o-five, ate as much as me who weighs a tad more. I was so glad! I need to fatten that woman up!

Despite feeling blue for the holidays, I had a very nice Christmas. The company was great, the generousity was HUGE and I was feeling blessed. I was sad that most all the traditions I was used to had to change this year, and I was down quite a few people, but it turned out better than expected. I hope all of you had a great day, too. I received some cool new bath stuff, and I intend on pampering myself ASAP.

Crazydogmama signing off, I have some wine to drink and some relaxing to do.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! I truly hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for being a part of my blog and life.
Love, from Crazydogmama and the pups

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, I have to get some work done, then I'm going to take a nap. Drinking (much) wine and appetizers is the agenda for the evening.

Observation of the day: A front wheel drive Mercedes had his chains on the rear wheels. MORON. I guess being rich doesn't make you smart.

Double chin hider. LOL

I have to go out in this mess. You have to have milk to make mochas. Ug.

This is Louie's idea of peeing outside. Good grief. At least it's not on the carpet. It's snowing AGAIN. I think this will be my first white Christmas ever. Too bad I'm not 8.

Well, Merry Christmas Eve. Yipee.
I'm gonna go eat some cake.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here's my big, deep rant as promised:

KFC no longer sells potato salad. WTF?!?!?


Oh my freakin' Lord what a madhouse! Leaving early was a good idea in THEORY. With the approaching storm, last minute shoppers and bad road conditions, traffic SUCKS! It took me an hour to go 5 blocks. ARG.
But I did manage to give myself a little Christmas present - a pedi. See my Christmas toes? I know you love them..hehe. Grabbed my mom and now I'm waiting in the Costco parking lot for her to get some stuff. Perfect time to blog. :-) I'm sure I'll have some Crazydogmama philosophical diatribe late this evening..I feel a rant coming on...
Weeeee! Happy Dance!

I get to get off early today and work from home tomorrow! There is another storm coming in tonight and they don't want me to have to deal with it - or miss anymore work. My mom is coming to stay with me starting tonight, too, so that works out perfect!

I'm going to make us Christmas dinner, so leaving early today gives me time to go do the grocery shopping and not be out late. I'm making Prime Rib, Scalloped Potatoes, Asparagus, Salad and Rolls. Yummy Chocolate Cake for dessert! MMMMM.

Of course there will be wine and spiked egg nog as well...


In order to keep myself busy and not sit on the pity pot of depression, I am developing a set of projects for myself I want done.

Recently, the purple bathroom got accomplished (see above), with new fixtures (except I still need a new faucet). I now need to paint the bedroom and master bath, the laundry room and the office. Then it won't look like an apartment - and potentially will be prettier if I go to sell. I need new carpet in the worst way, but that is going to have to wait.

I need to organize my digital pictures. I need to give away a bunch of clothes. I need to have another garage sale. I'm tired of "stuff" - I want to go minimal. Quality, not quantity. I also need to deep clean. Fun, fun, fun! The Bahamas are just just going to have to wait, like, for my next life. ;-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

What in the hell am I doing?

This is the title of my post. It should be my mantra. Have you ever thought this? This is a daily conversation I have with myself. What in the HELL am I doing? What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? This is not even close to where I thought I'd be at 37. Not that I thought I was going to be a rockstar, but usually people have SOMETHING figured out by now. Not me. It's not a midlife crisis - I don't need to relive my youth - I'm GLAD to be done with that. I've definitely gained some life wisdom, but I'm stuck. What now? I still need to move - not run - just move. I still have unfinished business. Sometimes I do the dumbest things, say the dumbest things, TYPE the dumbest things. But that's ok. Live and learn. You want to know something weird? I was in a pretty good mood today, then I went to bed and got all teary. The joys of being a woman I guess. I got up because I thought it was ridiculous - and now I'm writing, because that's what I do when I'm restless and twitchy. I write. The movie I just saw had a line in it that really got to me. It is what turned on the waterworks. A female in the movie said "My life has been unremarkable in every way." I feel like that sometimes. Life is not about money or success or things or fame, but people. It's about people. I wonder if I have had an impact on anyone, ever. I'm sure I probably have, but it still makes me wonder. Have I been too selfish? Too self involved to see others? I reach out a lot, but usually manage to push everything (everyone) farther away. That's probably why I like dogs. Crap, I don't even know where this post is going! LOL. I'm just blindly writing whatever decides to come out. That is the beauty of writing for me, to just spill out what is on the inside and try to make sense of it. I never really expected anyone to read it.

Are you content? I'm not. Is this all there is? What in the hell am I doing?
Thought this was interesting, not to ruin your day...

The country’s top trends forecaster, who accurately predicted the “panic” of 2008 nearly a year before it unfolded, is now ominously suggesting that next year will come to be known as “The collapse of 2009."

Gerald Celente, CEO of Trends Research Institute, sent out a letter to his subscribers announcing that he had purchased a domain name called “Collapseof09. com”.

Around this time last year, Celente sent the following message to his subscribers;
"In 2008, Americans will wake up to the worst economic times that anyone alive has ever seen. And they won’t know what hit them. Just as they were in a state of shock on 9/11, they’ll be frozen in fear when the Economic 9/11 strikes at the heart of Wall Street."

Dismiss this trend forecast at your own peril. If you believe everything will be all right, and that the ship of state is sailing along just fine, toss this out and go about your business.
Having correctly forecast the “Economic 9/11", Celente is warning that people should prepare for something much worse in 2009.

As we reported last month, Celente recently told Fox News that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.
Celente’s accuracy is widely heralded since he correctly predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, the subprime mortgage collapse and the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar.
In 2007, Celente forewarned that “giants (would) tumble to their deaths,” which is exactly what we have witnessed with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and others.
Celente has stated that the current financial downturn will ultimately lead to nothing less than revolution.

“There will be a revolution in this country,” he said. “It’s not going to come yet, but it’s going to come down the line and we’re going to see a third party and this was the catalyst for it: the takeover of Washington, D. C., in broad daylight by Wall Street in this bloodless coup. And it will happen as conditions continue to worsen.”

Well thank you for all the compliments today - I'm touched! You guys know how much I love comments anyway. It's what makes it all worth it.

I'm mostly goofing off (as you can see) - trying to get SOME work done. No one hardly is here and I have questions.

I can't believe Christmas is Thursday - it just doesn't FEEL like Christmas. Perhaps it is the fact that I have a one track mind right now and Christmas ain't it. My brain is often in the gutter - don't know what that's about. Maybe I'm hitting my prime? I hear there are support groups for that...hehe.

Anyway, I gotta go do something, be back later.

Pictures galore! I wore my purple fuzzy scarf today since I blubbered into my other one on Friday. I'm feminine from the waste up and bulky commando boot attire from the waste down. LOL. I just had a nice TREACHEROUS 2 hour commute in - never saw pavement. I heard on the radio that the weather here hasn't been this bad since 1968. Neat! And it isn't finished yet, or so they say.

Despite snow walls, compact snow and ice and being broke, I'm actually in a good mood today! (Don't fall over). I'm glad to be among the living. I could only find one open coffee stand (pictured) and got winked at by a cute guy! A good way for any girl to start her day...hehe. My computer isn't working here at work, so a-blogging-I-will-do on the crackberry. For your amusement. There is no one here to fix it yet.

What do you want for Christmas? I need a Christmas miracle. Really, what do you want? If you could have ANYTHING? Is your wish generic or specific? Is it something shiny, or something for the heart? Tell me. Pretend I'm Santa.

I'm finally going back to work. I'd never thought I would be GLAD to go back to work. It still sucks out there but cabin fever is nuts. I promise I'll blog better today, yesterday was a hard day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have had a really bad day. Uber crappy. Instead of getting into it, I'll show you the pasta I'm making with a large amount of red wine in it. Angry cooking, is what I call it.
"Soul on Fire"