Monday, September 08, 2008

I feel like a girl today! No, scratch that, I feel like a WOMAN. Before you scold me for spending more money on myself - check out the DEALS I got! The purse (which I love, so shut up about the leopard print - I have only had a black leather purse for about 15 years and now I'm embracing my wild side..) was regularly $40, and was marked down to $15, and the Sketchers (shoes) were regularly $55 and I got them for $20!!!! And HOW cute are they??
I'm twirling! I want to kiss everone! Not a good idea, but still...

Now I need a night out on the town. Juice? Did you say something about $3 martini nights??

OH! I almost forgot - my "Coffee Bean" espresso came today in the mail, too! I think there's only like one thing missing from me being in utter orgasmic bliss!

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