Friday, April 11, 2008

My New Sunglasses

I know you're thrilled, believe me. But you see, I haven't bought new sunglasses in like, 7 years. It was time. They are different from the kind I usually buy - so I got bug-eye, but I like them. Taken just a few minutes ago at my desk, never mind the bed-head or exceptional quality of my cell phone camera.
We're going out tonight (my co-workers) to celebrate getting through hell - and you know, its sunny and we may sit on the patio. It was a total and complete necessary purchase.
Am I a blogging machine or what? Go Crazydogmama!


Ann(ie) said...

ooooooooooooh....I likey!!

You ARE a blogging machine lately, girlie. I love it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are sexy glasses Cheryl, VERY sexy!

- KS

Crazydogmama said...

muchos gracias, amigo.