Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to Work

My 5 days off is over. Wah. Now, of course, its sunny. Jim is out golfing all day today for his big 4-0 birthday. (Happy Birthday!) He is not all that thrilled about turning 40, but the free-golf-on-your birthday is helping, I'm sure. I made him a cake yesterday and he requested steak for dinner tonight (of course). His mom and I went in together to get him a new recliner since his old one was completely hammered. It is a nice one, and being that he falls asleep in it almost every night, he really needed it. I am way broke now, though, because of the SUV repairs and the B-day expenditures. We can't afford to do much else, so I hope he is happy with those things.

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Brianna said...

Happy bday to your hubby. Hope the weather is better today.