Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Today I saw a dead rat in front of a sandwich shop. I ate there anyway.

Today I am recovering from what I perceive as an exploded tumor in my head. Yesterday I had the worst migraine EVER. It sucked. No more tumors, please.

Today there are officially one hundred billion things on my 'want' list, and I officially have no money and a ruined credit report. SHIT.

Today I wanted to jump rope, but I am too afraid of my tumor coming back.

Today I am having an acne breakout on my chest, and I only own scoop-necks, V-necks and shirts that scream out "HERE ARE MY BOOBIES, WEEP YOU NON-BOOBY-HAVING- ASSES!"


colleen said...

It's not a tuma!

Hey now, I'm totally one of those non-boobie having asses. In my case I must mock the non-ass having boobs.

midnightbunny said...

Hang in there. It can't get any worse. ;)