Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Angry Crazydogmama (If you don't like cuss words, stop NOW)

So what the hell is this new trend (that makes me want to chain them up and throw them in my crawlspace) where older kids come to my door on Halloween WITHOUT A FUCKING COSTUME ON - not even saying 'trick or treat' and then demanding candy from my hard-working self? My first reaction was to stick the candy up their sweatshirt-with-a-hood wearing asses - but then I thought that that might get my new car egged or keyed or something. After pondering this a bit, I decided to just give them a piece of candy - but now I'm just pissed at myself. Crazydogmama is supposed to be fearless. I am fearing these little fuckers!!! Damnit to hell!!! I think action needs to be taken. The teenagers in my neighborhood need to be taken down a couple of pegs. Hmmm. What to do. I'm thinking - the next time one of them pisses me off, I'm going to voice it. Then, I'm gonna stay up on my roof all night with a pellet gun and pick off the first motherfucker who comes near my house.

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Colleen said...

That's usually what happens in our neighborhood, but the actually all seemed to dress up this year. Like a Clockwork Orange.