Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'm Official!
I actually REGISTERED for the Body for Life challenge today! What a concept! I do challenges, but never send in paperwork. I'm GONNA this time! Ya just never know...I will be doing that challenge, and the other challenge I told you about. The person I am competing with doesn't do BFL (to my knowledge) and thinks WALKING is gonna do it...NOT! Ha! I am sooooo gonna kick their ass! :-D

I may also register for a Maxformation since my trainer works for Max Muscle. I don't know if there are any rules that forbid competing in two different challenges...I use products from both EAS and Max Muscle. If anyone knows...email me.
Starting off with a protein shake this morning and will be doing stone wheat crackers with turkey and hot mustard for my next meal. My husband made his famous "Jim Chicken" last night. MMMMMMM - It is a very moist chicken breast in his special healthy, homemade barbecue sauce. What a great husband I have...it was fabulous. I had that and a huge portion of steamed cauliflower with enough water to take a bath in. Its cardio day. crap. I hate cardio day. I just need to focus on my competition and how jealous they will be when I blow them so far out of the water it isn't funny!

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