Monday, November 03, 2003

Busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest...
Jeez...this is the first time I have sat down since Thursday afternoon! Thursday night we started setting up our Halloween stuff and I got my nails done, Friday I got a massage, got my hair colored, worked OT and then stayed up all night charming Leatherface. Saturday I worked out with my trainer, went to a Stampin' Up party to make Christmas cards - then worked at the restaurant. Then on Sunday I went to a "color-blocking" class for scrapbooking, cleaned and did laundry. We also had Billy (my stepson) and his friend over all weekend - so I was tripping over kids and dogs too. I need a vacation! Sometimes I don't even know what day it is. I just know I have to be SOMEWHERE doing SOMETHING. I have tried to take a picture of my hair and nails, but they keep coming out weird and fuzzy - so I'll keep trying so you all can see my new look. I've received quite a few compliments, so I'm not quite as freaked out as I was. I like my hair - but it was a pretty dramatic color change for me - platinum blonde streaks, honey blond streaks, and natural blonde streaks. My nails are bright red.

As far as our Halloween went...we had a blast, but I can imagine that there are some miffed parents out there. You know how uptight people can get sometimes...we toned it way down, and most people loved what we did, but when I was in my straight jacket trying to pick up a beer, and Jim was arranging the rubber body parts in the garage - we were shot some interesting looks...ha! Oh well - the kids had a great time, so we were happy. Now its time to get out the Christmas decorations! I love Christmas!

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