Thursday, September 04, 2003

Who are all y'all?
I checked my stats today - and to my pleasant surprise there were quite a few hits onto this blog! That is exciting and scary at the same time! So this is what I want to know: Who is my audience? What are you interested in? Will you be returning? Email me and tell me about yourself.
I have completely fallen off the wagon. I haven't worked out in several days, and my eating is less than poor. I had a Venti Mocha Frappuccino (whipless) this morning for breakfast, then a zone bar for a snack - then PIZZA for lunch. Why I had a DIET coke with that cracks me up. It is not a free day. I have to weigh-in, get photos taken and get measured tomorrow with my trainer. I am going to have to come clean about my effort. The last time I did that a few weeks back - the results were so-so. No weight loss (or gain), but I did lose a smidge in inches. As a result, I have been tired, irritable and non-productive. Time to find some motivation!

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