Monday, August 18, 2003

Monday, Monday
OK, I'm not cranky today. It is Monday, and I'm tired, but I'm OK. I get in those moods every once in awhile, and you just have to back up, turn around, and run. I have to say, though, I have it pretty good. I'm just really busy and some days I need to take it down a gear and rest. My husband did a good job of being lovey-dovey with me over the weekend - he even scrapbooked with me. Every time I got testy, he would get all cute and stuff and ruin my horrible mood. I got to spend time with my mom and dad, too, and they were being all nice and lovey - so I didn't stand a chance. Why is it, though, that I can get 6 hours of sleep on the weekend and wake up and be fine and happy, but then when I get 6 hours of sleep and have to go to work I feel like a truck ran over me? It must be mental, but truly the physical part eludes me. I mean, I really feel tired today, but if you said "Let's go skiing!" I would suddenly have a rush of energy and feel like Super-girl. It's not right, I tell ya. Oh, and by the way, HEY BLOGGER-MAKER PEOPLE - GET PRO-BLOGGER WORKING SO THAT I CAN UPLOAD PHOTOS AND STUFF! The upgrade has been down forever and I want it! I WANT IT NOW DAMN IT! Does anyone out there know a good protein shake/healthy coffee drink/pick-me-up kinda thing for breakfast that might help me with this zombie thing I've got going on? If you do, email me your recipe. I tried Cappuccino Myoplex with extra coffee in it, but it was kinda gross. I'm not sure how to tweak it. Oh, and I tried "Ostrim" Ostrich sticks - YUM! 96% fat free with lots of protein - great with a piece of fruit!

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