Saturday, February 01, 2014

CRAZY TIRED From January 31, 2012

I drove home from training in Torrance tonight with my boxing wraps on because I was just plain too tired to take them off.  I finished and just grabbed my bag and slowly walked out the door to my truck. No shower, no socializing, no nothing. Some days I train with a vengeance, and other days I am a train wreck. Today I was a train wreck. I just didn't have the right kind of energy or something. I had 7 min left (enough for one last round) when I reached my last rep doing leg lifts (for sit-ups/kicks). I just laid there in a pool of my own sweat (K calls me a "sweat angel") on my back on the floor in front of about 100 people in the gym, eyes closed, breathing heavy. K looked down at me and said "It looks like you're done for tonight." I said "Yes, stick a fork in me." K laughed. "OK, I'll cut you a break tonight, but not tomorrow." Me: "Thank the good Lord in Heaven."

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