Monday, February 17, 2014

And then she found KRAV MAGA...


Hello everybody!  I am now also writing in another blog called "And then she found Krav Maga" - here is the first post:

Hi!  My name is Cheryl and I am a brand new member at KRAV MAGA OC (Orange County) in California.  My goal is to share my journey with you into the world of Krav Maga, and maybe even entertain you a little, too.  As you read, perhaps you will be able to relate, or maybe you have had a completely different experience, but regardless if you are new like me, or are a seasoned veteran, we all have a story to tell and our connection will be our passion to better ourselves in this unique and fascinating discipline!
So a little about me.  I'm a 42 year old woman (who is not afraid to reveal her age, ha!) who moved to Orange County about 4 years ago from Seattle, Washington.  Due to a series of traumatic life-changing events, I had become seriously overweight and unhealthy, and about a year ago my doctor urged me to find an exercise program I could stay consistent with.  I found out quickly I am not a person who enjoys treadmills, spin class or any type of mind-numbing repetitive gym routines.  After almost bursting into tears one day on the treadmill from sheer boredom, I went home and logged onto my computer in search of a solution.  Boxing.  Kickboxing.  Mixed Martial Arts.  Hmmm...THAT sounded interesting!  So I promptly hired a personal trainer to help me.  I sucked at all of them.  Badly.  But, as time went on, I started to lose weight, get stronger and I realized I was actually having fun doing it!  Unfortunately, my trainer moved up to Torrance, CA - over an hour away - and so I found myself looking again, for a solution.  Enter Krav Maga OC!  It took me about 20 minutes to research what the heck "KRAV MAGA" was, and how to SAY IT.  I started asking around and although some people knew about it, mostly I got the "Krav what?" response.  I loved the fact that it seemed even more interesting than the standard Boxing/MMA stuff, and I have to admit I secretly found the words "combat tactics" exciting.  I was also super interested in learning self defense - something useful while getting in shape!  Learning punches, kicks and other movements is fun and certainly a great way to get in shape,  but what I was really looking for is how to USE them in a real-life situation - because you know, you probably won't have your boxing gloves on when the guy with the mask is mugging you at the ATM, nor will you be in your "workout" mindset.  I want to know how to instinctively MOVE and give myself a fighting chance!  There have been times in my life when I was in danger and these skills would have been invaluable to have.  Hopefully I will not have to use these skills to defend myself in the future, but I sure do want to be a bit more prepared if I do!  Do my friends think I'm crazy?  Maybe a little.  But my joining in sure has created a buzz in my circle and I am so excited to get started!
So there you have it.  I am not young.  I do not have six-pack abs.  I'm just an average girl looking for a more meaningful way of moving and challenging my mind and body.  I have a found a new passion!

If you are interested in reading more, here is the link:

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


So I have a brand new life!  Again!  After my mom passed away last June from lung cancer, I really started to reevaluate everything.  I took a long road trip with my boyfriend all the way to Corpus Christie, Texas (I have never been able to travel before), my step son moved in for 5 months before going to school in Chicago, and I quit my job in December!  Deciding to quit my job was a HUGE decision for me because I have been in the same industry, doing the same thing, for almost 20 years!  I have to say, it was the best decision I have ever made.  I was seriously burnt out and realized that I wasn't happy with my vocation.  I had a unique opportunity for the first time in my life to make a drastic change.  Being financially stable for the moment, I took the leap into freelance writing! Writing professionally of course isn't something that happens overnight, but I am working my way slowly into some cool things and I am optimistic that if I just keep going and don't give up, I will find my niche.

My office is now in my living room where I can work in my PJ's, drink coffee and take as many swimming breaks and naps as I want!  Well, actually, there haven't been too many breaks lately because I have been as busy as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest, but seriously, it's cool.  I have embarked on finishing up the remodeling of the house, started doing "Krav Maga" - an Israeli combat fighting discipline and, well, that's enough isn't it?  I plan on blogging about my Arizona-New Mexico-Texas trip and the remod, but for now just an update.  It's time for one of those naps...

Monday, February 03, 2014

PINK MACE From January 3, 2014

I have a funny story. First, though, I have to say that I have the sweetest, most protective boyfriend EVER.
So the other night we were watching TV when we heard the mail slot in my front door squeaking open and close, open and close. Since the mailman had already been here, it was late, and you can see inside the house when you open it, we both immediately rushed to the front door. Dale was checking the dead bolt and holding the door knob shut and trying to get me AWAY from the door because I was trying to open it to see who it was and preparing myself to go all Chuck Norris on their a@@. He wasn't having it. LOL. Suddenly, mail comes flying through the slot. We looked at each other and laughed because it became obvious some neighbor got my mail by mistake and was getting it to me. How nice. The next night, Dale presented me with the pictured pink can of mace. As he handed it to me, he saw my expression and conceded to say: "Just please spray first, THEN you kick them in the face, OK?" ROFLMAO!!! He knows me all too well.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

LEARNING SLIPS From February 9, 2013

I texted Krzysztof ("K") this morning that my back was toast from last night's drills. He asked me to let him know when I hurt so that he can tailor my next workout to avoid injury. Thursday night I worked a lot on "slips" (see video) and we did 30 straight minutes of strike avoidance (getting out of the way of a punch or kick). This involves bending and ducking in all sorts of odd positions while keeping your balance, your fight stance and breathing correctly. It's hard. I like this video because it shows how sopping wet you get boxing and you can hear their "breathing" patterns which is what K is a drill sergeant about. Fricking breathing. Oh! and his latest beef with me is my "angry face". LOL! When I start feeling the burn and start grunting - my face contorts into what K calls my angry face. He says this: "STOP with the angry face. RELAX and breath." I'm all "RELAX?!? Are you f'in kidding me?? I like making my angry face!" Then he gets his Krzysztof look and says "So you like letting your opponent know you are hurting and tired? Not a good plan." I hate it when he makes sense.

So I've been with K for 6 months now and I swear he finds a new muscle to rip apart in me every session. So he tells me this afternoon that I won't run on the treadmill today, but instead he felt I was ready for "running ladders". You know ladders - you see football players doing it all the time in practice. It's like hopscotch on steroids. I just try not to trip over my own feet. So now my knees, hips and ankles have joined my back in hell. And I get one whole day off before I go back.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

CRAZY TIRED From January 31, 2012

I drove home from training in Torrance tonight with my boxing wraps on because I was just plain too tired to take them off.  I finished and just grabbed my bag and slowly walked out the door to my truck. No shower, no socializing, no nothing. Some days I train with a vengeance, and other days I am a train wreck. Today I was a train wreck. I just didn't have the right kind of energy or something. I had 7 min left (enough for one last round) when I reached my last rep doing leg lifts (for sit-ups/kicks). I just laid there in a pool of my own sweat (K calls me a "sweat angel") on my back on the floor in front of about 100 people in the gym, eyes closed, breathing heavy. K looked down at me and said "It looks like you're done for tonight." I said "Yes, stick a fork in me." K laughed. "OK, I'll cut you a break tonight, but not tomorrow." Me: "Thank the good Lord in Heaven."