Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Epidural Steroid Injection

OK, epidural over with. If anyone tells you it is no big deal to get an epi injection for a bulging herniated disc is....LYING! First of all, they put you on this ironing board (narrow) bed thing with yer butt sticking up in the air, then they give you "light" sedation which doesn't do diddly squat, then they stick you in the back/butt/hip 3 times for local anesthetic which KILLS, then BOOM they cram this huge long needle into your lower back and send you through the freakin' roof!! I screamed into my pillow and bit down on my own hand to keep from punching everyone in the room. OMG it felt like the nerve in my left leg was gonna explode! OUCH! Then, while writhing around in the recovery room moaning, the pain finally started to subside. The nurse said my blood pressure and heart rate were dangerously high from the pain, but the fact that I had that much of a pain reaction was a "good thing" because it means the doctor nailed the right area and my chance for success was much higher. I hope she is right, cuz I ain't doin' that again. The pain is supposed to slowly go away over the next week and the full effect of the injection should take place on the 6th or 7th day. I go back to physical therapy on Friday and if it holds, I will be back to normal in 2 to 3 weeks. Finger and toes crossed and prayers-a-plenty! Back surgery, if needed, would have a 6 week recovery and I would go crazy, so I don't want that. K is excited for me to come back and we will work up VERY slowly, concentrating on strengthening my core. I didn't gain any weight back on my hiatus, I actually lost 12 pounds, so that won't be an issue thank the LORD.

I feel pretty good tonight, my back feels "stronger", meaning I can stand up straight. Previously I would have to hunch over and then sit back down after a few minutes from my back muscles giving out. I have to take it very easy the next few days, so blah, but I'm SOOOO glad that is over with and seems to be working so far.

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