Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dismal MRI Results. Arg.

So last Wednesday I FINALLY got the MRI, albeit an "open" MRI so that I stopped having panic attacks.  I have an appointment to see a specialist tomorrow morning and my doctor STILL hasn't returned any of my phone calls asking for the results.  I called maybe 20 times - I think the receptionist wants to kick me in my female parts.  I have to go in tomorrow with XRAY and MRI stuff in my hands, so I had also called the diagnostic place and put in an order for the CDs.  Because my doc didn't call with a summary and tell me what is wrong with me in ENGLISH, I had to read the report myself.  Yeah, so it says "Blah blah blah, bulging blah blah severe, blah blah L4, L5 and S1 with mild to moderate blah.  I *think* I have deciphered it to mean I have a herniated disc or two with some arthritis.  Not good - the report was scary.  So I will have to find out the details tomorrow.  I think everyone has it out for me to just continue to be in massive pain.  Good times.

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