Monday, April 08, 2013

Invasive Fish

So I ran across this really interesting little webpage called Invasive Fish.  Well, I didn't really "run across" it, I met the author. (A story for another time.)  ;-)  You should check it out for yourself - interesting stuff.  Fun pictures!  You should visit.  Go!  Go now!

Now, some of you know that I like to fish, and that I have very fond memories of fishing with my dad.  I was dragged all over as a kid camping, fishing, hiking - stuff like that, and because I was an only child, I paid attention, learned quickly and kept to myself.  This gave me the edge.  I remember all the old men on the docks were so impressed with how quiet and well behaved I was (not anything like I am now....) and they would all clap or congratulate me when I made a good catch.  I would get so excited watching the fish flop around.  Other kids would get bored and cast out, reel in, cast out, reel in - and drive everyone crazy -- and I would just sit there patiently listening to my walkman - finger on my line so that I could feel any little nibble.  I gnawed on my beef jerky and would steal marshmellows from my dad's tackle box.  Good times.  I haven't fished since my dad passed away in 2007, but I have reason to get my pole wet again now, so perhaps my dad will go with me in spirit.

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