Tuesday, March 19, 2013

They make me feel good about myself

I know y'all (all 3 of you) are probably sick by now of my training posts, but this is a big thing for me right now so ya gotta deal, OK?  OK.  :-)

So yesterday at training a couple of things. First, as I was walking in, this huge, ripped fighter guy was walking out and said "Dang girl, you are here more than I am!!" I laughed cuz it's true, I live there. Then, one of the other trainers gave me a "fist bump" as I was walking by and said "Good luck today!". I thought he was just basically saying have a good training session, but I found out later it was more than that.

It was an exceptionally difficult session - one of the things K had me do was pull a weight rack towards me from all the way across the gym with a big, long, thick rope tied to it -- like hauling in a catch; then I had to push it to back into place and do it again. We also did sledgehammers (slamming down a heavy-ass sledgehammer onto a big monster tire -- apparently K carries his sledgehammer around in his car..hahaha.) About half way through I was just DRENCHED in sweat, makeup all over everywhere, and breathing heavy; face was purple. K told me to sit for a minute and recoup and he brought me my water bottle. He came and sat down next to me coaching me on my recovery breathing and said this:

K: "I want to tell you something."

Me: "ooh nooo, what? Am I doing it wrong?"

K: (laughing) "No. A few of my other MALE clients could not finish this same workout today. You've already gone farther in - they quit. I wanted you to know that."

Me: "Whaa? Are you kidding?"

K: "No. When Arnie, my boss, (the guy who fist bumped you earlier) saw my training plan for you today he said 'holy shit Krzysztof, isn't that a little aggressive for her?' - - I told him no, she'll do it, watch her."

Me: (I just sat there blinking at him; I had no words.)

K: (smiling) "I was right."

They must all do it on purpose to motivate, but these guys make me feel so good about myself. God bless them!

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