Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The moment you wonder why you thought having a dog was a good idea

OK, I have to tell you all about my lovely morning. So I had to get up at 7 am (and you all know I don't start functioning until around noon, right?) to take Maggie into the groomer, and then drop my truck off at the mechanic. I put Mags in the back seat, like always. Everything seemed fine and normal. She ran back and forth from each end of the back seat pawing the windows, whining and jumping all over. Then I got to the groomer's and when I opened the back door to let Mags out, I almost threw up. She had had a diarrhea accident, and it was EVERYWHERE. Freaking EVERYWHERE. All over the seats, the windows, the doors, the seatbelts, her, her leash, everything. Then she jumped into my arms. Yeah. Not good. I had to clean it all up quickly, too, because my next stop was the mechanic. Thank the Lord God in Heaven for Clorox wipes. Gah.

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