Thursday, March 28, 2013

Injured, Sick, Loopy, but Suddenly Pretty Damn Happy!

Last Saturday I came down with a chest cold, but decided to go to training anyway on Sunday because I didn't want to cancel on K at the last minute when he was driving all the way down from Torrance to train me at Reign in Lake Forest.  I was doing pretty well despite feeling crappy - sweating the toxins out.  He was taking it pretty easy on me, and I was glad I decided to go.  The last 15 minutes of the session, he had me doing "get ups"; an exercise where I wear a 50-pound vest thingee and fall on the ground and get back up again.  Weird, I know, but getting knocked down and having to get back up is all part of boxing - go figure!  On one of my get-ups, I twisted JUST the wrong way and BOOM, I went down like a rag doll.  Twinge in the back.  OK, no problem, just sit for a minute and try again.  Nope, not happening.  Mega pain.  Back was toast.  Couldn't get up.  K panicked when he saw the way I went down (he could tell it wasn't good) and came running.  He had to help me up and he stretched me out for about 20 minutes.  It helped a little, enough to get me to the car, but sharp pains were shooting all over my body from my lower back.  CRAP.  I can't even say I was doing some awesome high twist kick or something cool like that...NO...I hurt my back getting up off the fucking floor.  Awesome.  LOL.

I had to drive to Hollywood later that eve to go to one of my (step) son's performances, and I think the drive to/from did some more damage to my back.  When I got home I tried Aleve, stretching and some ice, but when I tried to get up off the floor from all that, I could NOT GET UP!  I mean seriously I couldn't!  I started to have a panic attack and cried briefly in fear.  It is a helpless, awful feeling!!  Mags was upset and was whining and trying to lick my face.  After much trying in excrutiating pain, I made it up onto the recliner (thank you push-up practice!)  I crawled up the stairs (literally) to bed.  The next morning I could not stand up straight without holding on to something!  It took me FOREVER to get the bathroom, I almost peed myself!  Soooo not good.  Called the doctor immediately when I coughed big and fell down.  The doctor prescribed some pretty heavy duty stuff - Percocet (pain killer), Flexiril (muscle relaxer), Prednisone (steroid) and Naproxen (high powered anti-infammatory).  I also got two shots in the ass (a pain killer and steroid) right in the office.  (and shots in the ass really freakin' hurt btw!)  Apparently I am all kinds of fucked up.  Ack!  Well, it was bound to happen with all this crazy training I do with UFC guys, so I have to suck it up.  K has had like, 27 surgeries and knows my plight all too well.  Comes with the territory - especially being 41, overweight and somewhat new at this.  I won't be driving (cuz of meds) and probably can't train for 2 weeks.  NOOOO!  So upset.  The next few days sucked.  My chest cold developed into Bronchitis and work is out of control busy, and since I am having to work from home all loopy - it is quite the challenge.

Here is the cool part.  I met someone recently who has inspired me to start writing again. I used to write a lot on my website/blog, but I have been stagnant for quite awhile because I had no muse. I suddenly have a muse. It's true I haven't posted much lately, but I have some writing in the works and am trying to decide whether to post it here, start something completely new or maybe submit it elsewhere...hmm...decisions, decisions. Maybe all of the above! I wonder what my writing is like whilst (whilst!) I am partaking of a narcotic cocktail of pain killers and muscle relaxers? (How am I doing so far?)

Suddenly I'm so happy! I have a big smile on my face! Pain ain't gonna take ME down! Weeeeeee!  Yup, my life has taken some new turns lately and although some things seem rather dreary, it is turning out to be intriguing, motivating and I kind of have a fluttery feeling all over.  ;-)  Some other things in my life seem to be fading away, but there are new corners I'm turning, with interesting things appearing in front of me.  I am excited to see where all these new things will lead.

Life, here I am!  The good, the bad and the ugly - it's all good!

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