Thursday, March 28, 2013

Me the other day contemplating all my new possibilities... see post below!

Injured, Sick, Loopy, but Suddenly Pretty Damn Happy!

Last Saturday I came down with a chest cold, but decided to go to training anyway on Sunday because I didn't want to cancel on K at the last minute when he was driving all the way down from Torrance to train me at Reign in Lake Forest.  I was doing pretty well despite feeling crappy - sweating the toxins out.  He was taking it pretty easy on me, and I was glad I decided to go.  The last 15 minutes of the session, he had me doing "get ups"; an exercise where I wear a 50-pound vest thingee and fall on the ground and get back up again.  Weird, I know, but getting knocked down and having to get back up is all part of boxing - go figure!  On one of my get-ups, I twisted JUST the wrong way and BOOM, I went down like a rag doll.  Twinge in the back.  OK, no problem, just sit for a minute and try again.  Nope, not happening.  Mega pain.  Back was toast.  Couldn't get up.  K panicked when he saw the way I went down (he could tell it wasn't good) and came running.  He had to help me up and he stretched me out for about 20 minutes.  It helped a little, enough to get me to the car, but sharp pains were shooting all over my body from my lower back.  CRAP.  I can't even say I was doing some awesome high twist kick or something cool like that...NO...I hurt my back getting up off the fucking floor.  Awesome.  LOL.

I had to drive to Hollywood later that eve to go to one of my (step) son's performances, and I think the drive to/from did some more damage to my back.  When I got home I tried Aleve, stretching and some ice, but when I tried to get up off the floor from all that, I could NOT GET UP!  I mean seriously I couldn't!  I started to have a panic attack and cried briefly in fear.  It is a helpless, awful feeling!!  Mags was upset and was whining and trying to lick my face.  After much trying in excrutiating pain, I made it up onto the recliner (thank you push-up practice!)  I crawled up the stairs (literally) to bed.  The next morning I could not stand up straight without holding on to something!  It took me FOREVER to get the bathroom, I almost peed myself!  Soooo not good.  Called the doctor immediately when I coughed big and fell down.  The doctor prescribed some pretty heavy duty stuff - Percocet (pain killer), Flexiril (muscle relaxer), Prednisone (steroid) and Naproxen (high powered anti-infammatory).  I also got two shots in the ass (a pain killer and steroid) right in the office.  (and shots in the ass really freakin' hurt btw!)  Apparently I am all kinds of fucked up.  Ack!  Well, it was bound to happen with all this crazy training I do with UFC guys, so I have to suck it up.  K has had like, 27 surgeries and knows my plight all too well.  Comes with the territory - especially being 41, overweight and somewhat new at this.  I won't be driving (cuz of meds) and probably can't train for 2 weeks.  NOOOO!  So upset.  The next few days sucked.  My chest cold developed into Bronchitis and work is out of control busy, and since I am having to work from home all loopy - it is quite the challenge.

Here is the cool part.  I met someone recently who has inspired me to start writing again. I used to write a lot on my website/blog, but I have been stagnant for quite awhile because I had no muse. I suddenly have a muse. It's true I haven't posted much lately, but I have some writing in the works and am trying to decide whether to post it here, start something completely new or maybe submit it elsewhere...hmm...decisions, decisions. Maybe all of the above! I wonder what my writing is like whilst (whilst!) I am partaking of a narcotic cocktail of pain killers and muscle relaxers? (How am I doing so far?)

Suddenly I'm so happy! I have a big smile on my face! Pain ain't gonna take ME down! Weeeeeee!  Yup, my life has taken some new turns lately and although some things seem rather dreary, it is turning out to be intriguing, motivating and I kind of have a fluttery feeling all over.  ;-)  Some other things in my life seem to be fading away, but there are new corners I'm turning, with interesting things appearing in front of me.  I am excited to see where all these new things will lead.

Life, here I am!  The good, the bad and the ugly - it's all good!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The moment you wonder why you thought having a dog was a good idea

OK, I have to tell you all about my lovely morning. So I had to get up at 7 am (and you all know I don't start functioning until around noon, right?) to take Maggie into the groomer, and then drop my truck off at the mechanic. I put Mags in the back seat, like always. Everything seemed fine and normal. She ran back and forth from each end of the back seat pawing the windows, whining and jumping all over. Then I got to the groomer's and when I opened the back door to let Mags out, I almost threw up. She had had a diarrhea accident, and it was EVERYWHERE. Freaking EVERYWHERE. All over the seats, the windows, the doors, the seatbelts, her, her leash, everything. Then she jumped into my arms. Yeah. Not good. I had to clean it all up quickly, too, because my next stop was the mechanic. Thank the Lord God in Heaven for Clorox wipes. Gah.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

They make me feel good about myself

I know y'all (all 3 of you) are probably sick by now of my training posts, but this is a big thing for me right now so ya gotta deal, OK?  OK.  :-)

So yesterday at training a couple of things. First, as I was walking in, this huge, ripped fighter guy was walking out and said "Dang girl, you are here more than I am!!" I laughed cuz it's true, I live there. Then, one of the other trainers gave me a "fist bump" as I was walking by and said "Good luck today!". I thought he was just basically saying have a good training session, but I found out later it was more than that.

It was an exceptionally difficult session - one of the things K had me do was pull a weight rack towards me from all the way across the gym with a big, long, thick rope tied to it -- like hauling in a catch; then I had to push it to back into place and do it again. We also did sledgehammers (slamming down a heavy-ass sledgehammer onto a big monster tire -- apparently K carries his sledgehammer around in his car..hahaha.) About half way through I was just DRENCHED in sweat, makeup all over everywhere, and breathing heavy; face was purple. K told me to sit for a minute and recoup and he brought me my water bottle. He came and sat down next to me coaching me on my recovery breathing and said this:

K: "I want to tell you something."

Me: "ooh nooo, what? Am I doing it wrong?"

K: (laughing) "No. A few of my other MALE clients could not finish this same workout today. You've already gone farther in - they quit. I wanted you to know that."

Me: "Whaa? Are you kidding?"

K: "No. When Arnie, my boss, (the guy who fist bumped you earlier) saw my training plan for you today he said 'holy shit Krzysztof, isn't that a little aggressive for her?' - - I told him no, she'll do it, watch her."

Me: (I just sat there blinking at him; I had no words.)

K: (smiling) "I was right."

They must all do it on purpose to motivate, but these guys make me feel so good about myself. God bless them!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Road

I walk my own road. I always have. Sometimes I run down it, sometimes I am dragged down it and I sometimes even crawl down it, but it is MY road alone. Sometimes people try to get on it with me, but they (so far) just get plucked off, kicked off, jump off or fall off.

I interned for King County Police in Seattle when I was in college, and I became very good friends with the chief of homicide; he kind of treated me like a daughter and took me under his wing. (That was the dept. I wanted to work in once upon a time.) I remember distinctly on my last day, he handed me an envelope with a letter in it. Something he said in it really touched me and has stayed with me. He wrote "Cheryl, you are a very unique woman on her own road. You have a destiny ahead of you that will challenge you, but always remember that it takes both strength AND heart to make that journey. I believe you will go far. It has been an incredible pleasure getting to know you. Good luck to you in the Academy! Keep your sharp wit and stay out of those pool halls!" (haha on the last part, I played a lot of pool back then.) What brought this up you ask? Well, K had me doing push-kicks tonight (those are when you push your opponent backwards away from you by bringing up your knee to your chest and thrusting your foot out to their chest) and for some reason every time I did one I heard in my head "GET OFF MY ROAD!!", which made the kicks more forceful. You see, the voices in my head try to help out during training - LOL! So, it brought this memory up for me.

Monday, March 04, 2013

My Trainer in the Movies...

So most of you know that my trainer "K", former UFC superstar Krzysztof Soszynski, is now an actor as well.  He was in "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James - playing "Ken Dietrich", and his newest movie "Tapped" will be out this fall where he landed a major role as the bad guy.  I also just found out that he will be in two HORROR movies; production beginning soon.  One is called "Severed Connections" and the other (and I quote from him...) is "Blah, blah, something in the woods" which will be shot in Texas.  LOL!  One of these days I'm gonna ask him to get me a part in one of these horror movies as an extra.  :-)  I need to be a zombie!

For those of you who aren't privy to my Facebook page: here are my last few posts...just for fun.

Making new friends at the UFC Gym, and I'm putting in effort to get out of my comfort zone. I am outgoing and friendly (or try to be) but I have this habit of not trusting anyone (especially women which might surprise some of you), or, I get set in my routine and don't waver from it. My friend wanted me to come down to San Diego to hit the casino with him and some of his friends and family, but I had training that night and so I declined. Stupid. Should have gone. Would have been fun. I *CAN* reschedule training and still get my 4 nights in a week with K. I also got invited to go back to Austin, Texas again in June, but it conflicts with vacation time one of my direct reports has scheduled so I declined because I figured I would get told NO due to having too many peeps in my department gone at once. I should at least ASK first before assuming. I will do that on Monday. One of the people going said "But you HAVE to go! It won't be as fun without you!!" How sweet is that? I think some out of town trips would be really, really good for me. For Pete's sake I still haven't been to VEGAS!  Plus, I want to keep getting asked to do stuff, so I need to say yes more often. I'm not getting any younger that's for sure, and a single, financially stable woman should be groovin' all the time before the world goes to hell in a hand basket. I just booked a flight for a quick trip to see my BFF in mid-April, so I just gotta keep up the good work!

I read a lot and recently read the "The 18 Rules of Happiness". I was surprised to learn that I practice most of them and that is probably why I'm so happy of late, but if I work on those last ones - imagine the extra bliss!  Rule #3 is "Say yes more". It starts with a quote: "I will say yes to every favor, request, suggestion and invitation. I will swear to say yes where once I would say no." - Danny Wallace. The only time I can feel good about saying no is when I already have plans! BUT... I will take a raincheck!!

Tonight K started me with tabata sprints, then the big rope pull, then slams, then sledgehammers, then crunches and leg raises, then side kicks, then front foot pushes, then a whole bunch of skipping rope. He always saves the best for last. As I was leaving, he added this: "I am teaching Muay Thai and kickboxing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Pick two and come. I want you sparring with my guys." Apparently 4 nights a week isn't enough. aaaaaaaahhh.

I am a beefaholic. A vegan's worst nightmare. You'd think my cholesterol would be through the roof, but it's actually gone from 302 down to 200 in 6 months. Tonight I made Filet Mignon (seared in a cast iron skillet), steamed asparagus and quinoa rice pasta (linguini cut) sprinkled with a little parmesan, garlic, red pepper flakes and olive oil. YUMM! K doesn't want me eating wheat or flour, rice pasta gives me the pasta choice.

Something I read today that made me think: "There is no up without down, no strength without weakness, no light without dark. One cannot understand or feel true joy without first experiencing pain and sadness." Hmm. So true. The balance of life. God knows what he is doing.

I made it through training tonight with plenty of energy - but I got my butt kicked big time. Back is hurting from high twist kicks and kettle bell swings. (40lb full-body kettle bell swings are HARD!!) He also made me do planks in between sets. My elbows/forearms were sliding to the sides during planks because there was a waterfall pouring off of my face onto the matt. This makes things extra difficult - it feels like I'm on a slip-n-slide. There are about 100 cardio machines in 3 long rows (treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, etc.), all facing the same direction at the UFC gym. Guess who was getting trained and paraded right in front of their line of site? Yup. I swear K does this on purpose. I have to concentrate really hard to block my audience out.