Saturday, February 09, 2013

I texted K this morning that my back was toast from last night's drills. He asked me to let him know when I hurt so that he can tailor my next workout to avoid injury. Thursday night I worked a lot on "slips" (see video) and we did 30 straight minutes of strike avoidance (getting out of the way of a punch or kick). This involves bending and ducking in all sorts of odd positions while keeping your balance, your fight stance and breathing correctly. It's hard. I like this video because it shows how sopping wet you get boxing and you can hear their "breathing" patterns which is what K is a drill sergeant about. Fricking breathing. Oh! and his latest beef with me is my "angry face". LOL! When I start feeling the burn and start grunting - my face contorts into what K calls my angry face. He says this: "STOP with the angry face. RELAX and breathe." I'm all "RELAX?!? Are you f'in kidding me?? I like making my angry face!" Then he gets his Krzysztof look and says "So you like letting your opponent know you are hurting and tired? Not a good plan." I hate it when he makes sense.

Slip drills:

So I've been with K for 6 months now and I swear he finds a new muscle to rip apart in me every session. So he tells me this afternoon that I won't run on the treadmill today, but instead he felt I was ready for "running ladders". You know ladders - you see football players doing it all the time in practice. It's like hopscotch on steroids. I just try not to trip over my own feet. So now my knees, hips and ankles have joined my back in hell. And I get one whole day off before I go back.

A question I was recently asked: "So, what do you do besides work and train?" LOL. Not much! That is my life. It takes a HUGE amount of time and dedicaton to do this. I only work so that I can afford training - or I'd give that up. :-) I don't have kids to raise, or a husband to slave over so I'm free to do the things I've always wanted to do! I don't know how I settled on boxing/kickboxing/MMA - but I found my "thing". Who would of thought??? I'm sure the people of my past would be rolling their eyes, insulting me and calling me Jane Wayne, but I don't care what anyone thinks, I love training and I'm not losing myself again!! It originally started as something to do to regain my health, but now it is my love and obsession. Some women are obsessed with men, I'm obsessed with punching them. hahahahahaha

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