Thursday, November 08, 2012

Life and other crazy shit...

So the monkey wrench got tossed right into the ocean.  BUT, there was much learning from the event.  I learned how I really feel about something and figured my priorities out.  I think it happened for a reason because otherwise I would still be confused and unsure.  As far as the prediction I mentioned, it can still unfold in my current situation -- I just didn't realize it before.  All in all, a positive learning experience...and a reinforced belief that "if something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Krzysztof is now working me 4 days a week and I am actually improving by leaps and bounds!  Especially my endurance in running/climbing.  I can do more push ups, too!  Weight is coming off slowly, but the inches are really adding up! (Muscle weighs more than fat)

Mom is doing well - starts her fourth and final round of chemo next week, and finished radiation.  She will complete all of her treatment by Thanksgiving!  Yay!

I want to retire.  My job is too stressful.  They pay me a lot, but I am so tired and I want to try and enjoy life before things get really bad.  You know, do some traveling and stuff.  Going to think about it and look for medical insurance alternatives to see if I can swing it some time in the next two years.  Maybe write for a living or do something fun part time.  I don't know.

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