Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'll never learn

Y'all wanted training stories...well I have one tonight. As you may know, I am stubborn and pig-headed, and rarely do what I'm told. K (that's what I call my trainer) must say a hundred times a session, "Just let me know if u need to rest". I could be bleeding out of my eyes and I wouldn't admit I needed a break. I paid for that tonight and I think K worked me too hard on purpose to teach me a lesson. I kept going until I could barely stand up, then I hurled. It was mostly just dry heaves, but when you have boxing gloves on you can't wipe your mouth or open the bathroom door. I think K felt bad because he kept apologizing. LOL. I got up ready to get back to it but he said we should probably call it a night. Bah!

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