Sunday, March 04, 2012

Peace, Quiet and Sunshine

I just spent two glorious days in utter and complete bliss.  I have been laying in the 85-degree sun reading in my backyard, loving on my dog, swimming in my pool and just "being".  I feel incredibly relaxed.  Bills are paid, work is at work and my brain is happy and stress-free.  This is the good life.  Right here, right now.

There was a slight breeze as I laid down on my sunning chair just after getting out the pool.  The sun felt so good on my skin and as the pool water dripped down my back from my wet hair, it kept me cool.  I could smell my mom's jasmine in the planter behind me.  I watched Maggie stretch her back legs out behind her as she soaked in the scene as well.  The only noise was my pool heater humming, which makes me smile.  No one was bothering me, asking me questions, wanting things from me.  Peace.  I found it.

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