Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Unexpected Valentine

Driving home from work my phone chimed.  Joe.  "Happy Valentine's Day, Cheryl"  He always remembers me on holidays.  All holidays.  It made me smile.  More than I thought it would.

We ended up talking for most of the night.  I'm not sure I understand.  If there is anything to understand.  Will somebody please help me with this?  We never really had an "official" relationship, but we said many sweet things to each other.  We didn't really "break up" either, life just happened and we seemed to drift apart with our busy schedules and distance (he lives over an hour away).  I think about him often, and apparently he thinks of me too.  Normally (in my experience anyway) if a man decides he doesn't want to date you, you never hear from him again.  I make it easy for them and give them a hassle-free escape, if that is what they want.  But Joe always contacts me on special days without any prompting.

I suppose I will just enjoy it for what it is.  But it is perplexing to me.  On Thanksgiving when I heard from him he said this: "Hope you and your mom have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I am very blessed and thankful for my family and friends, and meeting the most extraordinary people (that would be you).  I hope you know how special you are."  Guys don't talk like that.  Of course Joe is the one my mother likes.  Go figure.  I don't know.  I truly resolve to know nothing here.  Life is strange.

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