Sunday, January 29, 2012

Those damn birds again!

The Kindle Fire rocks.  However, don't let the $199 price tag fool you.  After you buy the leather case, a new state-of-the-art router, start using the one touch "buy" button for apps, kindle books and other little goodies...your bank account is down roughly $500.  Bah!

I had an awesome evening with fam & friends eating pizza, drinking lemon drop martini's and playing cards (Disney UNO - it has "evil" cards!!).  My friend Lisa and I stayed up past everyone else watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' reruns, then she fell asleep and I played the new Angry Birds 2012 seasons "Year of the Dragon" and OMG the next thing I knew it was 3 am. This did not help my wrist at all. (see post below.)  I need the new ABA group therapy - Angry Birds Anonymous, where everyone sits arounds twitching in withdrawl making grunting hitler pig noises.

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