Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot damn, I done did good!!

Here is where I get to brag a little about myself, which is rare.

Ever since I was promoted to management and relocated down to California by my company to be part of the build-out of our new plant in Seal Beach, my workload has been, well, INSANE.  Not only has there been a ton to do, but it had to be done with impossible deadlines, minimal staff and with dead-on accuracy.  It was a lot of pressure over a long span of time.  Not only have I managed to double my salary in two years, but I just received special recognition AND reward by executive management for going above and beyond the call of duty.

When called into the Director's office, I was FLOORED at the reward and fumbled for words.  I'm surprised I didn't burst out in tears.  I really just wasn't expecting that.  I've always kind of felt like this easily replaceable peon, but I was just told that our commercialization here could "not have been done without me".  Well, I don't know about that, but I have to say it sure felt good to hear it!  The Director kept saying things like "Yes, we DID notice all those late nights, weekends and holidays you worked, and yes we DID get personal feedback sent to us from many individuals from all the different sites saying how much they appreciated your help, flexibility and attitude.  You are well liked and sought out over your counterparts."

I am kind of in a stupor about it.  I should probably snap out of it and get to work before they take it all back.  :-D

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Dea said...

Very happy for you! It's nice to be appreciated. Happy New Year!!! :)