Monday, January 09, 2012

Books and Big Rings

After finishing "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in 3 days, I am now on a reading kick.  I like the escape into other people's messed up lives; rather than dwelling on my own.  Here is the current lineup:

The second book in the series...a given that it will be awesome.

This one caught my eye at Costco on Saturday -- a woman who has isolated herself, and also there are dogs in it.  Perfect.  Can't go wrong with that, and it gets high reviews to boot.

I get a bazillion magazines and catalogs in the mail because my preferred shopping method is online.  (Shopping is way better while done in jammies, coffee in hand and dogs at feet.  No getting dressed, no driving and no getting annoyed with crowds.)  I saw this (real) sapphire ring and decided I needed it for my middle finger.  It looks like a man's ring in the picture, but it isn't.

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