Sunday, January 01, 2012


Well, here we are - 2012!  What will this year bring?  It is my first post of the new year and I am happy to report that I am feeling pretty good.  I drank entirely too much coffee last night so that I could ring in the new year at midnight, but the coffee lasted a little longer than intended and I didn't fall asleep until 4 am.  Bah!  It is time to take the Christmas decorations down, do my laundry, program my new universal remote and my new state-of-the-art GPS.  I also change out my picture frames with my favorite pics from the year now as a tradition.

I wished all my friends and family a Happy New Year and took Mags for a quick car ride up to the store.  I tried one of those small 5-hour energy drinks, and WEEEEE they work!  I'm all shaky like I had 15 cups of coffee.  My mom is making me her best dish tonight - roast with potatoes and carrots.  I love how she carmelizes the carrots and the potatoes have the roast juice all over them.  Yum!  I don't go back to work until Tuesday, but I saved all the un-fun tasks I need to do at home for today and tomorrow.  What was I thinking?  Starting out the New Year with chores.  Hrmph!  I need to re-think this next time.

Well I hear my mama-san getting the Christmas boxes out -- guess that means it is time to get going.  Happy New Year to you all!  Hope this is your best year yet!

xoxo - Crazydogmama

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