Friday, November 18, 2011

Yes, I am FINALLY posting!

Best Birthday EVER!  My very best friend on the planet (Jenny) from Seattle, flew down last Friday night.  My two moms and I picked her up at Long Beach airport and since it was almost 10 pm, we decided we needed pie and coffee to keep us awake!  After we got home, the appletini's put us to sleep.

Saturday, on my actual b-day, we spent a few hours down at Laguna beach goofing off, eating and buying a bunch of stuff we didn't need.  Funny story. We had decided to get a coffee and share a chocolate croissant, then walked over to some benches that overlooked the ocean. A bunch of birds flew down around us and I (stupidly) picked a small piece of my croissant off and fed a pigeon. Then, suddenly, a HUGE seagull swooped down and grabbed MY ENTIRE HALF CROISSANT RIGHT OUT OF MY HAND. I was all WTF just happened???? Jenny was rolling.

That night we went to BJ's Brewery for dinner (I had a Maui glazed pork chop) and went back the house for ice cream cake and lemon drop martini's.  What?  They totally go together!

Sunday it was Disneyland time.  We went from 40 y.o. to 4.  OMG, so much fun.  Lasted almost 12 hours.  We got soaked on Splash Mt. and the Grizzly River Run.  Jenny got it the worst.

Monday we slept in, I made eggs benedict (of course) which we ate outside on the patio and just hung out.  I had to take her to the airport at noon, so the rest of the day sucked after that and now we are all pouty.

The end.

Absolutely nuts at work.  I want Jenny back.

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