Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day - Success!

I was the sole chef for this year's Thanksgiving, and for a record number of people - SEVEN.  Bill (my stepson), Robby (Bill's best friend), Erica (Bill's girlfriend), Mom #1, Mom # 2, Mom # 2's son's girlfriend Lisa and myself. The most I had ever cooked for previously was six, and that was with help.  I did it!  We had crab/artichoke dip with baguette, and salami + cheese + crackers for appetizers (and champagne).  The day before I had to cook the turkey, because we did turkey AND ham cuz Erica hates turkey, and there was no way to cook that much stuff in one small oven in one day.  I also prepped most of the side dishes on Wed. so I wouldn't have a full-on panic attack on Thursday.  I also cleaned and did last minute shopping and hurt my back.  AGAIN.  (Thank God for muscle relaxers and wine.)

Kids drove down Wednesday night and we all chatted while I chopped.  Thursday was a fun-filled day of food, drink and laughter.  Our new tradition for "Black Friday" is Disneyland - starting last year and continuing this year, however I completely pooped out at 4 pm and went home and took a nap, then went back at 9 to pick up the kids.  I'm old!  But instead of going home, they made me go see Paranormal Activity 3 again because it was essential we see it together.  OK. Fine.

Saturday the kids helped me put up the Christmas Tree and then I kicked them out so I could sleep for the next 30 hours.  Which I did.

Heaven on a spoon.  Perfect on Thanksgiving for those who don't like pie.  Like me.

The kids

Where's the turkey you promised me?  Hello?!

My eyes were bigger than my stomach.  Which gives me pretty freakin' big eyes.

To Mom # 1:  I cook, you clean...

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