Monday, September 05, 2011

Kids, Disneyland Meetups and My Exhausted Ass...

VERY busy weekend, OMG.  The kids (I have 3 now you know -- Bill, Erica and Robby, they call me "Mama Cheryl") came over Friday night, Sat, and Sun.  I took them to see Apollo 18, they ate me out of house and home (bottomless pits!) and we swam and watched horror movies.  Really good to see them -- poor grandma followed after us cleaning most of the time.  LOL.  She says they like coming to see me because I am "one of them".

Today I had my second "meetup" at Disneyland.  The people are great.  This meetup thing was at the advice of my new therapist - she wants me getting out and making friends instead of stressing and hanging out in my own head.  We met for lunch at the Blue Bayou, then did all our favorite rides.  I am getting *really* spoiled with my new friends - I don't have to wait in ANY lines!!  Someone always has either a VIP Card or a Guest Assistance Pass (for handicaps/illnesses) which gets us right to the front of the line every time.  I don't think I can go back to being a normal visitor!!

I am beat.  I have to go back to work to relax!

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