Friday, July 15, 2011

The mind is willing...the body is pissed off

John kept me out until 3 am. On a work night. I kept telling him "I gotta go, I gotta go!" and he kept saying "10 more minutes". Yeah, he is hard to resist. The status of our relationship was confirmed last night when I asked him to "define" what he meant by saying I was "his girl". He declared that it meant he had no desire to see or be with anyone else but me, and that he would be a "fucking idiot" to let me get away. That statement coupled with his earlier statement of how I am "such a good woman" and he did not believe a good woman existed in Los Angeles, and, well, how do you say no to that? And he is such a good kisser. LOL! So yeah, he wins. He is totally cool with my guy friends; in fact he said: "Be friends with who you want, flirt with who you want, I just want to be the guy you're with at the end of the night..."

So there you go, I'm taken. Off the market.

I'm on my 6th cup of coffee. It's not working.

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