Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I Crazy?

I'm not so sure about this recent boyfriend thing.  It's not's something else.  I read something tonight from someone I can't disclose that made me really stop and think.  It was the most incredibly written letter - written in a way I cannot even describe.  It was beautiful but so different.  Intelligent yet hilarious.  It ignited something in me that I thought was burnt out forever.  Hmmm.  Crazy.  I wish I could share - you would see what I was talking about.

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Dea said...

I believe there are people whose words can touch our hearts and stir our souls. As if they could see and accept the person within - they create that never-ending butterfly flutter and a feeling that they complete us.

There are also people who make us content and safe but a small piece of our soul remains missing and we have a nomadic, restless feeling as if we need to search to complete ourselves.

I believe that if someone can bring life to a part of my soul that lies in ashes, I'd be a fool not to look for the Phoenix. :)