Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stress Less, Weigh Less

I've been focusing more on peacefulness and happiness rather than just straight weightloss. Honestly, I think it is half the battle. Holly Mosier agrees with me. I picked up this book at Costco, but I've actually met her. She owns the boxing gym I go to here in LA.  A very gorgeous 49 year old woman.

Yes, eating right and working out hard is necessary too, but if you are all stressed out and unhappy, you get nowhere. TRUST ME.  When I first moved here, my cortisol levels were through the roof!  It has taken me a year to fix my thinking and chill out, and a bunch of weight fell off. Not all of it, but a good start.  When you are happy, people gravitate to you, too. I just talked to John who is all stressed at the moment and the first thing he said was he wished he was here with me because he doesn't feel stressed when he is around me.  I think it was our third date when he hugged me, layed his head on me and said "I just wanna BE with you."  It made me feel so good. Probably why I like him so much.

Anyway, it is a process and it doesn't come naturally, but it does work if you keep trying. I played with a Cairn Terrier puppy yesterday. My mom thought it would wig me out and make me start crying, but it didn't. Puppies are good for the soul!!  Then I went to see "Super 8".  Fun flick!  I took some pics of the new kitchen and family room. I will post them later.

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