Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"OK, Spill it!"

That's what my co-worker (friend) Connie ("Con") said to me the other day. She started with "What in the hell is up with you? You're acting like you just won the lottery or something - so who IS he?" So I told her about John. Mario was listening of course so I had to tell him too. Mario said "Well, at least this one doesn't look like an axe murderer." to which I glared at him. Con asked me if I wanted to borrow her 5-inch stilettos. Jay, one of my direct reports said "Cool, my boss is getting some action!" I smacked him. Con then gave me her ruler to smack John with. (See picture)

While I was busy texting (Johnny of course) my mother asked "So how is lover-boy?" Lover-boy? So yes, this is the shit I get when I tell people about my love life.

So John's car should be fixed by Wed. night - and in his text today he wrote "I will call you the SECOND I get my car back because I need to see you. I miss you." So sweet. Purrrr.

Are you nauseated yet? Don't roll yer eyes too much - this is MY love life we're talking about here. Anything and everything can (and usually does) happen, and I am quite aware how full of shit guys can be. BUT, this is why I am probably feeling so laid back and happy right now - I am just enjoying the moment for what it is without thoughts of the past or the future. I have a new favorite saying: "It is what it is." LOL - so true.

He said he wants to spend Thursday evening on the beach - walking along with the sunset. Time has almost come to a complete stop for me. I can't remember looking forward to ANYTHING as much as I am looking forward to this and the minutes are draaaagggging along! AAAH! Thursday night may as well be in 2016! I am almost 40 and never once in my whole entire life have I ever had a romantic walk on a beach at sunset. Ever. It may sound stupid and cliche to you, but if you were me, it would sound a whole lot different, I promise you. I've never really experienced romance.
So here I am, trying this again. 388th time is a charm!

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