Friday, June 03, 2011

Kind of a Boring Ass Week

I slept all day on Monday (not getting home until 6 am will do that to you, HA), boring work day Tuesday, went home early on Wed. cuz work was slow and I was tired, Thursday was uneventful except talked to Johnny on the phone -- but I'm bummed cuz the transmission in his car is acting up and he has to get it fixed and I don't know if I can see him this weekend, and now it's Friday and...BLAH. OH, WAIT! I got my driver's license FINALLY. Yeah, I've lived here a year and just now got it...let me tell you how much I FUCKING HATE THE CALIFORNIA DMV. They want every piece of documentation from my birth to my divorce and they wouldn't let me keep my married last name (not that I want to, but it is such a hassle to change everything) and made me change back to my maiden name because my birth certificate says one thing and WA license says another, and I *may* have had a bonfire to which my marriage certificate may have fallen into into, and my divorce papers say I am switching back, and FUCK now I have 5 billion things I have to change.

The wood flooring is being put in at home as I type. Finally. It has been concrete for a week. I just took a pic of my desk because I'm caught up at the moment with my projects. I will be slammed again on Monday, but I'm in limbo right now.

I just realized that I haven't been sarcastic, bizarre or cheeky lately. I'll have to fix that. How about this...

I sneezed hard earlier, peed a little in my panties, and since I didn't want to sit in my own pee the rest of the day, I took my panties off and now I'm going commando. Yup. That's how I roll.

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