Thursday, June 09, 2011

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn!!!

John is still having car issues. Crap! I have to wait until Saturday now to see him - but at least we can spend all day together then. I am sooo impatient, though. Arg! It was cute when he called, he is impatient too. ;-) And he is too gentlemanly to ask me to do the driving. He kept telling me how much he missed me. I think he is going stir crazy without his vehicle. He has his own business and works at home, but he is stranded. I'm all dressed up, too. Bah! Figures.

In other news, I'm now planning a Vegas trip! Woooo! I've never been there, so this should be fun! A friend of mine (Annie!!) turns 40 at nearly the same time I do, so us and a big group of friends are celebrating in Vegas. Viva las Vegas, baby!

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