Wednesday, May 04, 2011

San Marcos

Spent the day in San Marcos. My friend Mario graduated from Texas State, so he wanted to go visit his old stpmping grounds. The campus is beautiful, and we had a huge lunch at "Grins" - a college town restaurant. Home of the .99 cent margaritas! Woo! Really cool place; relaxing with trees and foliage all around. I ordered the "hottest burger in San Marcos". I could totally handle it, no problem!! The H.E.B truck? Kind of an inside joke. It is a grocery store, but I call it "The HEB", and it is pronounced by each letter "H" "E" "B" - so Mario laughs every time we see the sign. I can't help it. LOL! Spent the remainder of the day at the pool and jacuzzi. Today we are headed to San Antonio! Leaving now...

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